First pictures and details of new supermini
3 March 2010

These are the first pictures of the new Nissan Micra, which has been revealed at today's Geneva motor show.

Developed and built on Nissan’s all-new, global V-platform, the new Micra was designed and tested in Japan will initially be built in Thailand, India, Mexico and China.

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Just two engines will be available in Europe - a 79bhp 1.2-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine with 80lb ft of torque. It emits 115g/km of CO2.

A supercharged 97bhp 1.2-litre direct injection petrol engine with a start-stop system is also available with 105lb ft of torque. It emits 95g/km of CO2.

Both engines are available with either a five-speed manual or Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Optional kit will include reverse parking sensors, a new ‘parking space measurement’ (PSM) device with three skill levels (amateur, normal and expert), a touch-screen combined audio and satellite navigation system, glass roof, automatic wipers, speed sensitive volume on the audio, and a push button start-stop system.

Sales of the New Micra/March will begin in Thailand in March, with European sales starting in the autumn.

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2 March 2010

A couple of past Micras have been interesting, cute and quirky. This is so dull I can't even be bothered to comment. Oh...

2 March 2010

[quote Myk]A couple of past Micras have been interesting, cute and quirky[/quote]

Conversely I found the last Micra unbearably cutesy and overbearing and a car that went from being young to being yesterdays thing almost overnight.

This new car is a wise move.

2 March 2010

So Nissan joins Toyota in hara-kiri.

And to think 'clever' people used to think Japs would dominate the car industry and the world. Lot of mentally ill people around.

2 March 2010

It looks as though they have taken inspiration from the Perodua Kelisa, which isn't always the best direction to take. Still with promise of reliability and value, it'll still sell in high numbers.

2 March 2010

I have £10k

I can buy a Fiesta or a Polo - or I can buy this...

What on earth are they smoking in Yokohama??????????

2 March 2010

I'm a bit disappointed with it to be honest. I think it looks more like a backward step from the current car, which, okay, is a bit cutesy, but I think it's stood the test of time quite well. This new model looks quite slab-sided, and the interior looks surprisingly cheap - I prefer the current model's dashboard and overall look. This looks a lot more of a budget car. On the other hand, the engines look good. Nissan will have to price it right - and it is no longer being built in Britain which could lose certain customers.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

2 March 2010

... narcotics?

...maybe, just lights

now the good news: boys and girls, the waiting list for the Polo changed from 4 to 8 months!

VW: it`s not our fault!

2 March 2010


2 March 2010

The 1st micra copyed the Mini, the second copied the 500, this third one is like the old Yaris. It would be interesting to understand the logic behind this strategy.


2 March 2010

Parking Space Management? 3 skill levels .... I am sorry, but if you order this option on this car then your license should automatically be revoked. If you can't park a Micra then you should clearly not be allowed out with a responsible adult being present.


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