Estate model at Geneva is the latest new Focus to be shown off by Ford
2 March 2010

The fifth member of the new Focus family — the estate — has been unveiled at the Geneva show, and Ford has revealed that the globalisation of its models will extend to a single Focus-based SUV for Europe and North America.

The new estate is predicted to account for around a third of all Focus sales in Europe. Initially it will only be available in this region, but Ford of Europe boss John Fleming has stated that it could follow the rest of the Focus range and go global.

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“As with all of the models in our new global C-platform portfolio, there is scope to offer… this estate in markets around the world,” he said.

The Focus will also be used as the basis for the next Kuga (the current model uses a modified Focus platform). The new Kuga will be another global car, replacing the North America-only Escape SUV too.

Fleming also confirmed that there will be a performance version of the new Focus. “We want to reassure performance car enthusiasts that we won’t forget them,” he said, “so we are making the commitment to deliver a future performance model of the new Focus for them, also on a global basis.” It’s still unclear if this means replacements for both the Focus ST and RS — but the hot car will be launched by the end of 2012.

That brings the confirmed number of models based on the Focus platform to nine; there is a 10th to come. Ford has yet to confirm the model type, but it’s expected to be a three-door coupé that could form the basis of the performance Focus.

Dan Stevens

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1 March 2010

Now it's funny, I actually prefer the hatchback in that lime green/yellow colour. Much more flattering angle, too. However, I still think it's slightly bland compared with how ground-breaking the original Focus was in terms of design. It'll be good to see it in some other colours etc at Geneva tomorrow I reckon.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

1 March 2010

Dissentry yellow. Nice.

1 March 2010

Sure that's the right car?, looks like a scaled down Mondeo to me, anyone else think that?

Peter Cavellini.

1 March 2010

Yes Peter the estate has a striking resemblance in profile.

Woew, then the next picture shows that the front view is "a bit different". I think it will grow on me.

For the sake of the 1000's of UK workers let's hope they are realistic on the pricing front.

 NeVeR L8te Smile

1 March 2010

Looks good, although from the side it appears to be just a scaled down Mondeo! The current model is about the most bland estate on the market so this can't come soon enough.


1 March 2010

[quote Mini1]I still think it's slightly bland compared with how ground-breaking the original Focus was in terms of design[/quote] Exactly my first thought; a bit like the Ka, it seems to have lost the crispness and originality of the earlier versions.

1 March 2010

BREAKING NEWS!: Kia buys Ford...

1 March 2010

Hmmm, there was me hoping that the European version of the new Focus would get a classier front bumper than the US version. This hideous front bumper, the total mess of a dashboard and Ford's undoubted high price for this car are putting me off already.

2 March 2010

Well the Estate used to be the service Engineers favourite in white . Dunno if the new one will be as it will undoubtedly be too expensive for many. Have to say both cars look bland to me much better stuff out there. Wonder what the Asta Estate will be like when it appears. Another service Engineers car.

2 March 2010

Autoexpress say how the new ST with expected 250bhp and 350nm will beat the VW golf GTI, but they seem to forget that ford doesnt compete with premium VW brands, we have the Seat Leon cupra R which is 261bhp and 350nm, which will kill the Focus ST and be better quality. Ford's only hope is in it's loyal customers they wont get any new ones.

The RS is said to be 4wd via hybrid rear motors, which sounds good, but then ford will want to price it close to the golf R, which will be ridiculous, i expect by that time the R will have 300bhp.


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