All-electric sportscar launched at Geneva motor show
2 March 2010

This is the Citroen Survolt concept, which fuses the styling of the GT by Citroen and Revolte concepts.

It is described by Frederick Banzet, managing director of Citroen as "breathtaking proof of Citroen's commitment to low emissions".

See the Citroen Survolt concept pictures

The all-electric sportscar is supermini sized.

Bertrand Dantec, design chief on the project, says that while most concepts are sketched 50 times, this one was drawn only once.

"Nobody really makes electric sports cars for the track," he said, "so we thought why not?"

There are batteries mounted all over the car - including in the nose, along the tunnel and in the rear - and there's a 200kW motor feeding the rear wheels. The company has made no performance claims as yet.

"We are looking into producing a limited run of these cars for a one-make race series," says Dantec.

"I think it's important that this car didn't look like just another sports car. It had to have some of the softness and femininity of the Revolte, because I think it would appeal to a different kind of buyer than the usual sports car."

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2 March 2010

What would really be nice would be for Citroen to actually produce a concept which was production-feasible. They have a knack for turning out interesting and highly desirable concepts, but their production cars are largely the opposite. How about a stunning Citroen production car instead?

2 March 2010

It's got a bit of a Veyron about it. The air scoops around the doors and the chunky backside.

2 March 2010

I like the look of this car, and I don't say that about many sports concepts. Just one slight incongruity: ginger door mirrors?

Quite where Citroën will go with this relatively new-found sports theme remains to be seen. But at last they might start to cash in on the WRC success. It's wierd that a lot of younger blokes connect my old Xsara to the WRC wins (although it's only a totally unsporty 1.4, 4-door, type 2 hatch), but there is almost nothing other than regular models to connect Citroën to their quite amazing rise in this sport.

2 March 2010

I think this looks good, though Citroen seem to be going down a very sporty route at the moment. I'm waiting to see some more production cars... a new 2CV would be brilliant, and I wish they'd get on with showing us what the production C-Cactus will look like!

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

2 March 2010

Can someone tell Batman that if he's lost his car it's in Geneva.

As a concept this car is amazing. It's the sort of car Boys used to pin on their bedroom walls. This needs to be in the GT game. As a racer I'd like to see it happen. As a full production car... too much. But I'm really liking the Front. Citroen keep up the good work....

2 March 2010

[quote WooDz]Can someone tell Batman that if he's lost his car it's in Geneva.

Argh! you beat me too it!

Disco Stu's comments about bland production cars isn't true, C3Picasso, C5, C6, DS3?

2 March 2010

Looks like another candidate for a Playstation game to me.

What a pointless waste of R&D budget. Why don't they make something that is almost related to a future production car.

2 March 2010

That front grille reminds me of something...can't think what, but I'm sure its something rude.....

3 March 2010

Has the air of a sort of futuristic Exige. What a terrible shame it isn't destined to receive a petrol engine..

3 March 2010

Why does it have an exhaust pipe?

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