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Hot Citroen DS3 to be displayed at Geneva
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2 March 2010

This is the Citroen DS3 Racing, a hot version of the forthcoming Mini John Cooper Works rival. It has been revealed at today's Geneva motor show.

The car is lower and has higher-performance brakes than the standard car after an extensive makeover from Citroen's Racing department. It will go on sale later this year limited to just 1000 units. and its designer Mark Lloyd has confirmed almost all of its design and decals are feasible for production.

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It is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-litre engine, which produces 197bhp and 203lb ft. Citroen Racing has achieved these gains by tuning the turbocharger, remapping the ECU and adding a new sports exhaust system.

Citroen Racing has also fitted stiffer suspension springs, new front and rear shock absorbers, widened the rear tracks by 30mm and lowered the car by 15mm. Special brakes have also been fitted, while the ESP and steering have also both been tuned to improve the car's handling.

Styling upgrades include a new lower body trim and wing extensions, 18-inch alloy wheels, chrome trim on the door handles and exhaust tip, and special chequered graphics on the roof.

Inside, it gets carbon trim on the dashboard, centre console and steering wheel, while the vibrant orange theme from the outside features on the dash and gearknob.

Citroen is known to want to leverage its success in the World Rally Championship more effectively, and with its future World rally Car set to be based on the DS3, a hot model is logical. Citroen Racing is currently responsible for providing the cars for Citroen's WRC effort.

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sero 20 February 2010

Re: Citroen DS3 Racing revealed

Renault is the one & only !!!! Citroens VW`s and others are far far away !

2xtrouble 20 February 2010

Re: Citroen DS3 Racing revealed

I'm not sure about this idea about Citroens falling to bits. I've had four - 2 AX GTi's and 2 2CVs and all four were nothing but reliable and I don't remember bits falling off other than when I parked the first AX GTi in the middle of a wood on top of a tree stump after over-cooking a bend in the wet. Even after if it was mended it was 100% reliable. The 2CVs were provided some of the best fun you can have on four wheels and in snow like we've just had this winter got me anywhere I wanted to go with no fuss what so ever.

But back to the DS3 Racing... I think this looks great and a damn sight more practical than a Mini and the Mini Clubman (Postman Pat's Van). If I was in the market for a hottish hatch it would certainly get looked at. Have done the Renault version (Clio 183) and that was a nightmare in terms of reliability and APPALLING dealer service. We'll never own a Renault again unless the dealers change hands around here (they're all owned by the same chain at the moment) and I guess that's my worry. Can the Citroen dealer chain support this sort of car and the people who are likely to buy it? That's what would make me think twice about buying this car...

ThwartedEfforts 20 February 2010

Re: Citroen DS3 Racing revealed

VirginPower wrote:

While the VTS was actually a boringly acceptable thing to look at, it was, without exception, bought by helmets (a similar phenomenon occurred with Vauxhall Carltons and Omegas, though with a different genus of helmet).

You could level the same accusation at any "hawt" cars that are essentially souped up, striped out versions of some family shopper: the Renault 5 GT Turbo was bought by helmets, as was the Peugeot 205 GTi, Fiesta XR2, Escort XR3, BMW M3, Citroen VTS and VTR and so on and so forth.

Incidentally, Chelmsford doesn't even have a Citroen dealer and - come on - babies called Charlie? They're called things like Bo or Blue and in full fairness to Essex, ever been to Kent? Here they all appear to drive what Essex Man was polishing ten years ago...

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