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414bhp Hybrid-R to receives its world debut at Frankfurt motor show; Toyota considering a racing future for the concept

Further details of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R's innovative 414bhp powertrain have been revealed following its Frankfurt motor show debut.

The car is powered by a combination of a 1.6-litre four-cylinder direct injection combustion engine and two electric motors attached to each of the rear wheels - effectively giving the Hybrid-R electric all-wheel drive. Combined, the power output of the Hybrid-R is 414bhp.

A super-capacitor, originally developed for use on Toyota's TS030 Hybrid Le Mans car, is used to store energy. Toyota says the super-capacitor can store power at a higher density and faster than the metal-hydride battery used in the standard Yaris hybrid.

The super-capacitor can also release burst of maximum power, either for ten seconds per charge under normal road conditions, or five seconds per charge on track. In track mode, that burst is equal to 119bhp.

A third 60bhp electric motor is also used as a generator to feed power to the super-capacitor and also to manage power delivery to the electric motors on each wheel; effectively working as an electric traction control system.

Torque distribution between the two rear wheels is also electronically altered depending on load to improve cornering.

Toyota hasn't ruled out using the Yaris Hybrid-R in motorsport, saying that its configuration makes it suitable for use 'in a number of different racing categories.'

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n. leone 4 September 2013

And, how much does it weigh?

And, how much does it weigh?