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The Audi Nanuk sports car concept promises high-performance pace on- and off-road
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9 September 2013

Audi has pulled the wraps off a high-performance diesel sports car concept on the eve of the Frankfurt motor show. The Audi Nanuk Quattro concept promises 544bhp, 737lb ft and a 189mph top speed.

The Audi Nanuk, which claims on- and off-road ability, has been produced in collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro and is the spiritual successor to the ItalDesign Giugiaro Parcour. It is powered by a newly-developed 5.0-litre V10 TDI engine mounted midships and longitudinally.

Audi claims peak torque is developed at 1500rpm and power is transferred to all four wheels via a “beefed-up” 7-spd S tronic gearbox and the manufacturer's quattro system. The 1900kg Nanuk is consequently capable of reaching 62mph in 3.8sec and reputed to average 36.2mpg.

Next-generation adaptive air suspension allows the ride height to be adjusted by up to 70mm, and the level of the body can also be controlled based on speed and route data provided by the navigation system. The Nanuk features 22in wheels with 235/50 and 295/45 tyres front and rear and carbon ceramic brakes.

Four-wheel steering is fitted, allowing the rear wheels to turn in the opposite direction at low speeds to aid manoeuvrability. At higher speeds the rear wheels turn in the same direction, improving stabililty.

Audi's Nanuk concept has a 2710mm wheelbase and measures 4541mm long, 1990mm wide and 1337mm high. The car is based around an aluminium space frame and the body panels are constructed from carbonfibre reinforced polymer (CFRP). 

The car is described by Audi as a “dynamic sculpture on large wheels that opens a new chapter in the Audi design language”. Key design features include a flatter version of Audi’s hexagonal grille and daytime running lights that double as indicators. The car features vertical fins across its intakes, and is features a new take on the side blade fitted to the current R8. 

To improve maintenance access, the entire rear of the car’s bodywork is a single-piece clamshell. Luggage can be stowed in the front.

Audi describes the Nanuk's interior as being “reduced to the essentials”. All controls are based around the centre console and it offers inductive mobile phone charging. The instrument cluster is fully programmable and monitors in the A-pillars serve as rear-view mirrors. A similar arrangement is employed for the rear view mirror.

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9 September 2013

Wow, this is what Jaguar should be doing. Needs to be 300 kilos lighter to be relevant and not have a name that sounds like something from Mork & Mindy.

9 September 2013

Not that cool and don't see the point. Just a bit meh!

Marc - why should Jaguar being doing this? Can't think of any reason and you don't provide one.

9 September 2013

That's just the Giugiaro Parcour concept with an Audi badge!!

9 September 2013

That´s funny. Nanuk means Eskimo Pie in the Czech language.
I like the concept a lot. Parcour was a nice car. This one is a nice car. However, I would prefer the Parcour.

9 September 2013

Well at least it is not electric or a hybrid! But seriously how practical is it? What "off road expertise"? ur Quattro on a Scottish Forest stage??

9 September 2013

"...and the winning driver of this year's Dakar rally complained the steering was somewhat lacking in feel..."

9 September 2013

That front is hideous but this is clearly the new Audi r8- its been jacked up to so we don't really see what it supposed to be or it might have been a good excuse to do even bigger wheels...
That front really is awful, seriously.... I'm shocked, Audi you are loosing it...

9 September 2013

Correct me if, I am wrong but, this has the Chevy Camaro DNA all over it .


9 September 2013

Why can't Audi build this instead of the ur 'concept'. It certainly looks a million dollars.


10 September 2013

Possibly even more dull and "generic sports car" than the McLaren MP4. Seriously, take drop the ride height and it's supercar-by-numbers. And as for "spiritual successor" to the Parcour; no, I think it's a complete copy, just with all the interesting bits removed.

Someone at Audi clearly hadn't bothered with producing a concept and knocked this up in a hurry. Shockingly plain and average; it manages to look more out of date than most cars in production.


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