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Opel Monza concept showcases new technology and a refined design language for the next-generation of Vauxhall and Opel models
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10 September 2013

The Opel Monza concept has been shown at the Frankfurt motor show, showcasing Vauxhall and Opel’s new design direction. The car, which revives the Monza nameplate, represents a “vision for the company’s future” and provides an “indication of its design targets”. 

The Monza concept shows the evolution of Vauxhall/Opel’s ‘sculptural artistry meets technical precision’ design language. The concept has a low stance, with a heavily sculpted bonnet and small headlamps. The blades under the lights appear to have been influenced by the bumper vents on the Astra and Insignia VXR.

However, it is unlikely the Monza concept will spawn a production coupé to fill the void left by the Calibra and original Monza.

Vauxhall says the Frankfurt concept shows the firm’s focus on “efficiency and connectivity”, which will be applied to the next generation of models. The Monza concept features a “ground-breaking powertrain solution” and the connectivity with its infotainmant system represents a “quantum leap” in development.

According to Opel/Vauxhall CEO, Karl-Thomas Neumann, the Monza “covers a whole range of subject areas and elements. It carries them forward in a visionary fashion, expressing them with fresh inspiration and clarity. 

“This car is a study that will have a long-term impact on the next generation of Vauxhall and Opel models.”

Vauxhall says the concept shares similarities with the Monza fastback sold in the 1970s and ’80s, with large glazed surfaces and a low belt line.

The Opel Monza was sold in the UK until 1986 and was based on the Vauxhall Senator. Initially badged as both Monza and Vauxhall Royale Coupé, it was an attempt to establish the little-known Opel brand in the UK. At its 1982 facelift, the Vauxhall version was dropped, and the Opel Monza continued to be sold for a further four years.


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8 July 2013

Why do car companies always tease us with gorgeous coupes, then never manufacture them?

Instead spouting nonsense about 'design languages' as they tweak the headlight shape on some fat anonymous looking SUV.

Where is the modern day Monza/Manta/Calibra?

Ford at least are bringing us the Mustang, a belated successor to the Capri.

8 July 2013

What utter marketing BS:

the Monza “covers a whole range of subject areas and elements. It carries them forward in a visionary fashion, expressing them with fresh inspiration and clarity.

Anyone understands any of that?

8 July 2013

sirwiggum and GasolineAlley ... You said it!! ... What utter marketing twaddle!! ... The Monza concept (gorgeous though it may look) will not spawn anything to eradicate the generic blobs that Vauxhall/Opel currently produce (especially the Insignia) ...

8 July 2013

I think this article is designed to whet our appetite for the Vauxahll Cascada Hard top Coupe!

If this is the intension Vauxhall / Opel may have been better looking back to the Opel Manta for a heritage vehicle to add some kudos to their new coupe.

Whilst the Monza was a very creditable vehicle in its day, the Opel Manta was a far more successful vehicle for GM.

8 July 2013

This is agreat design, at least the front that we see... it seems too low nevertheless (unless the CEO is too tal!) for my likes as this would mean that practicality will be limited to enthousiasts only (old Monza was something like a 'family man sport alternative' model). It seems like a promising design basis for future 'everyday' models though - well done OPEL, they have managed to reach a very acceptable design profile in all their models - unlike FIAT/ALFAROMEO that they are still seem to be searching in the dark...

10 September 2013

I thought this was a Mazda (I was browsing through the images from the show and hadn't seen a headline or any info).

Not overly impressed, but then again we won't see anything like it anyway. Tis annoying that so few concepts actually make it through to production, either at all or toned down drastically.

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