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Jaguar declines to comment on reports that SUV concept will be shown at September's Frankfurt motor show

A Jaguar spokesman has declined to comment on speculation that a Jaguar SUV concept could be displayed at this year's Frankfurt motor show, ahead of a possible 2016 production date.

The reports, which emerged in the United States, suggest that the concept will be shown in order to guarantee the British car manufacturer significant headlines ahead of its heavy sales push over the next three years, off the back of the recent Jaguar F-type launch. It would also serve to highlight the technical capabilities of the latest aluminium PLA platform that will underpin a new family of Jaguar cars.

However, the spokesman said: "We don't talk about what the company is doing down the line. We have nothing to say on these rumours."

The Jaguar F-type was always described by company bosses as the car that would legitimise future projects that stretched beyond the traditional markets for the firm. It is already known that a BMW 3-series rival is in the advanced stages of development, ahead of a potential on-sale date in around 18 months. The SUV project is more controversial within Jaguar's traditional markets, however, which is said to be another reason why Jaguar is keen to introduce the concept as early as possible.

The SUV is tipped to be called either Jaguar Q-type or Jaguar XQ, both of which have been trademarked by the firm.

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ersatz 1 August 2013


How exciting. Tipped to be called Q. Imagination is dwindling methinks - on the same page I see under driven this week an 'inifinity q50' and audi sq5!

Why does it also look exactly like an audi a3 too. Where are the bullbars and the dust filters?

SUVs are really rather old hat - it would be far nicer to see them focussing upon something more of the future such as a clever electric vehicle or similar.

Zeroboost 1 August 2013

The Cayenne was what kept

The Cayenne was what kept Porsche afloat duting the last few years. Jaguar would hardly have failed to notice this.

devil's advocate 1 August 2013

Courtesy of

Mike in Bath 7 August 2013


The rendering, not the Red photo-shopped 'alleged' new Jaguar SUV. Weirdly it kind of works if you stare at it for long enough! As for Auto Car; shame on you and your artists rendering, I hoped you'd leave that to Auto Express! I agree with Winston Churchill - poor journalism!