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The 2014 Land Rover Discovery gets a boost in efficiency and revised styling
Mark Tisshaw
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3 September 2013

Land Rover has unveiled a series of modifications to its venerable Discovery model. Revisions to the seven-seat SUV include a subtly revised exterior look, a cleaner, more efficient diesel engine, and a range of new equipment.

Power for the 252bhp 3.0-litre SDV6 diesel engine remains unchanged, but the adoption of a stop-start system reduces CO2 emissions from 230g/km to 213g/km and improves economy from 32.1mpg to 35.3mpg.

The SDV6 is the sole engine choice in the UK, but in other global markets the old 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine is replaced by Jaguar Land Rover’s new 335bhp 3.0-litre supercharged V6 engine, increasing performance, improving economy and reducing CO2 emissions in the process.

The new look includes a new front grille, front bumper and front headlight design, along with a new LED daytime running light signature. New alloy wheels are also offered.

Another notable change is the adoption of Discovery badging on the bonnet in place of Land Rover, in the same style as the Range Rover models. This is the first step in Land Rover pushing the Discovery name into a brand in its own right, as with Range Rover. The replacement for the Freelander, due in 2014, is also set to join the Discovery family.

The revised Discovery will get its global debut at the Frankfurt motor show next week, with order books already open ahead of the first UK deliveries in November.

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3 September 2013

Wow. How completely different it looks! What funds they must have lavished on it!

This old girl won't be "more efficient" until she sheds a ton of her girth. They can twiddle with the gearbox and tweak the lights for the umpteenth time - it won't make a blind bit of difference.

3 September 2013

The full extent of the changes are yet to be revealed; however for a car with so many qualities these changes will certainly make what is a great car even better. Yes it is a little overweight but I know of no other car with the combination of on and off road qualities as this. It is a refined highway cruiser with a brilliant ride and is unparalleled off road with a huge carrying capacity. I have a D4 which has done 85,000k much of which has been on some of worst roads imaginable in the north west of Australia and it has come through with flying colours. Will be placing my order for MY 2014 soon.

3 September 2013

I've had 2 and they are, with out question the best cars in the world. Let them sneer, those who don't value the weight and sheer toughness. Good move to fit stop start, as well. I think this ought to be compulsory - nobody's engine should be chucking out emissions in snarled up traffic and the streets would be quieter too.

3 September 2013

lol. look at that "D I S C O V E R Y" badging across the front. looks disgusting

3 September 2013

Don't buy one then (or even look at one).

3 September 2013

how long before some smart erse has a play with the letters:

V E R Y D I S C O ? and hang a miniature mirror ball from the rear view mirror, fit a 3000W sound system...

I did see an old range rover once with the rear badging as "STRANGE OWNER". Raised a smile, certainly more than "KAHN" does.

3 September 2013

I'm confused about the discovery becoming like range rover. Surely they have land rover for that job? Plus, don't the Americans have the discovery name because it reminds them of the unreliable original?

No issue with another facelift. Yes it needs replacing, but there are other JLR products that need sorting out first. It's still a fantastic vehicle. My dad has had two, would love another if he could

3 September 2013
superstevie wrote:

Plus, don't the Americans have the discovery name because it reminds them of the unreliable original?

Aren't they called LR4 in the US?

3 September 2013

...not a fan of the DISCOVERY lettering on the front. Ok they are trying to develop it into a sub brand, but it doesn't look good somehow. If I bought one I would be asking for LAND ROVER lettering to be fitted to the front. I think it also will confuse people who don't follow what happens in the car industry and don't notice the Land Rover badge - they might assume it some sort of knock off Range Rover!


3 September 2013

I own a Disco 3 pre-facelift (chicken wire) which for me is one of the best cars I have. This current model I have to say is the most disappointing in what is otherwise an excellent range of cars in their fleet. Dynamically is brilliant but I miss that rugged bumper look that was on the 2005 model.


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