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Entry-level Caterham to cost from £14,995, powered by 80bhp Suzuki engine

Caterham has revealed new details about its Caterham Seven 160, including the price.

The new car will cost from £14,995 in kit form, rising to £17,995 for a ready-built model.

The 160, which has been named in reference to its approximate power-to-weight ratio, is powered by a Suzuki-built 660cc, three-cylinder turbocharged engine – the smallest and most efficient engine ever to power a Seven. It develops 80bhp and 79lb ft of torque.

The 160 can accelerate to 60mph in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 100mph.

Caterham says the new model has been designed for maximum weight saving and pays homage to the ultra-lightweight credentials of the original Lotus Seven.

The new model will be badged as 160 in the UK, but 165 in European markets. The naming strategy is an attempt to emphasise the engine's Euro-V compliance. A spokesman confirmed that while power will be unchanged, European models will be subject to a small number of minor modifications to meet legislative standards in other markets. The move follows a new naming standard for Caterham models, in which European models will end in '5'.

The compact engine will be mated to a five-speed manual gearbox, supplied by Suzuki but adapted by Caterham’s engineering division.

Caterham says it has “fine-tuned” the engine to suit the Seven’s characteristics while delivering improved economy and emissions. In fact, Caterham has improved the standard output of the engine from 64bhp to 80bhp. The engine currently powers the Japanese-market Suzuki Jimny and every compact MPV in Suzuki's range. A live rear axle suspension setup is used on the 160.

Speaking to Autocar after the car's reveal at the Frankfurt motor show, Caterham Cars' CEO Graham Macdonald said: “It is not engine size that matters; it is the grin factor that is our barometer, and we believe we have got the formula for our new entry-level vehicle just right.   

“Our intention for this car is to offer the joy of the Seven in distilled form, so the new entry-level car is lighter, cheaper, more economical and more accessible than ever.”

Production of the 160 will begin in January 2014 and sales will commence next spring.

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MrsChippy 22 October 2013

No alloys - just the ticket

The best part visually about the 160, which nobody so far has seen fit to mention, are the gorgeous Dunlop type steel wheels shod with skeletal Avons. Put a pair of silver on black number plates on (illegal, of course) and it would be just the ticket for attending the Goodwood Revival in.

Nobby Hightinkle 22 October 2013



TBC 22 October 2013


The car sounds a fantastic prospect, with the following caveats:

I would be interested to know exactly what 'minor modifications' were made, and why did Caterham not just 'tune' the engine in one guise to suit all markets?

It also seems odd to start a naming policy to claim emission credentials in one market, when the emission controls affect all EU countries? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

kowalski99 10 September 2013

£17, wowwowowow

say no more- an alternative to a hot hatch. I will buy one!