Russian car maker will sponsor Renault's F1 team this season
4 March 2010

The Lada name will have a presence in Formula One this season after it agreed to sponsor the Renault F1 team.

Renault owns a 25 per cent stake in Lada’s parent firm AvtoVaz, a Russian car maker with state involvement, and the sponsorship deal is designed to boost F1’s presence in the country. The deal has been endorsed by Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin after Renault F1 officials met with AvtoVaz in Moscow earlier this week.

See pics of the Renault F1 team in pre-season testing

Renault has already signed Russian Vitaly Petrov to race for the team this year and the sport has long been tipped to hold a grand prix again in Moscow.

"We are proud to announce this new agreement, which marks another important step for the Renault F1 team and Formula 1 in Russia," said Renault F1 boss Gerard Lopez.

"We have been actively investing in Russia over the last years. We know the country well, we have a high degree of appreciation for it and, as such, it is an honour for our F1 team to spearhead Russia's entry into the sport and to carry the Lada brand at the highest level of world motorsport.

“We look forward to an exciting and successful season together."

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4 March 2010

A big name Russian sponsor was inevitable but I am surprised the Russian Governemnt have allowed it to be Lada.

In case no one watches the news, Lada are bankrupt and have made thousands of ordinary Russians unemployed, practically devastating a whole city where it is based. It's products are a joke even by Russian standards and they should be investing every penny into making competitive product at an acceptable quality. At one time, Lada were well established in the UK as the default cheapo brand and through a total lack of investment and proper management, they allowed themselves to be swept away by the Koreans and a rejuvinated Skoda.

I admire their desire to be in F1 but get your house in order at home first and then you will be a brand that deservs a world stage!

4 March 2010

I understand that the new 16v Lada has 12 of it's valves in the radio.

I'll get my coat......

4 March 2010

I can't think of a funnier sponsor to a F1 team than Lada. The two are poles apart. It's a bit like Cosmic Fireworks (rocket) sponsoring Nasa's next launch.

4 March 2010

It could be worse, it could be Moskvitch - do the Ruskies still make them?

4 March 2010

Did anyone notice the Proton stickers on the new Lotus. That one slipped by without comment.

4 March 2010

[quote MattDB]Did anyone notice the Proton stickers on the new Lotus. [/quote]

Well, Proton do own Lotus Cars, and the Malaysian Government do own Proton and Lotus F1, so that's no great surprise.

Are there Tata stickers on the Ferrari this year? Tata Consultancy Services (or something like that) are a Ferrari sponsor, and have plenty of advertising to illustrate the link.

4 March 2010

I love the livery of this years Renault, I think it has to be my favourite at the moment although the addition of Lada's sponsorship does make me feel a bit uncomfortable to say that. Call me a snob and all that.

I wonder if anyone else on here thinks this may be a bit of entryism on Ladas part? Maybe they are considering taking over Renault's F1 outfit in a couple of years? Christian Horner has hinted this week that Renault could still leave F1 before too long.

Could you imagine it!

4 March 2010

Will it be driven by a meerkat?

Seriously, thisis some very forward thinking by RF1although you're hardly likely to notice it stuck by the air intake at 200mph...

4 March 2010

Or Borat.

Imagine the race suit.


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