Bernie Ecclestone believes this year's new F1 teams would not be missed and some may not survive
29 July 2010

Bernie Ecclestone believes this season’s new Formula One teams would not be missed if they left the sport.

Speaking to the Telegraph, the F1 rights’ holder said he suspects that “one or two” teams will drop out of Formula 1 before the end of 2010.

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While singling out Lotus as a worthwhile addition to the field, he suggested the other 2010 newcomers have brought little to the sport.

He said: “The bottom line is they haven’t really and truly given us value for being there. If suddenly these teams don’t turn up at races then I don't think the crowds will get any smaller, or the TV sets will turn off, or the newspapers will stop writing, will they?”

“I would not be surprised if one or two of [the new teams] did not make the end of the season,” he added. “I think there are a couple of teams in Formula 1 who really shouldn’t be there. They are a bit out of their depth at the moment.”

Ecclestone does not feel it is essential to have 24 cars on the grid and believes a return to a 10-team field would be no problem at all for F1.

“All we ever want is 10 teams,” he said. “Lotus is a good name. I wouldn’t want to lose them. But in general this year has been a bit of a nuisance because it has cost money to keep these [struggling] teams in. It has cost a lot of money to pay for them to compete.”

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29 July 2010

It's a bit of a nuisance having Hispania and Virgin on the grid because it's costing the F1 establishment money? Not like Adolf Ecclestone is short of a tanner, is it... those teams, poor as they have been generally, have kept four fine drivers in F1. Timo Glock is a PDG driver, while the other three are all potential future stars. Meanwhile, Virgin are developing almost as fast as Ferrari and McLaren, gaining on the Lotuses and even the Toro Rossos... Mind you, it's good to see Adolf sticking up for Lotus.

Now, Toro Rosso, there's a team I wouldn't mind seeing the back of. Too damn confusing them being there AND Red Bull being there. In fact, would a certain Mr Tata buy Red Bull and make it revert to its former guise as Jaguar, while the full Red Bull livery is applied to the Toro Rossos, and the TRs made rather faster? I wouldn't want to lose Alguersuari from F1. Buemi I wouldn't mind so much - strikes me as a bit of an Alonso. Bit whiny, bit sour.

29 July 2010

I think more smaller teams should be encouraged to enter F1 as it helps new drivers get into the sport. You need feeder teams that a rookie F1 driver can prove their worth in an F1 car. Maybe giving the poorer teams some help in the way of allowing them to run lighter would make the sport better to watch. watching the Senna tribute on top gear, seeing 2 cars power sliding around a corner side by side has affirmed how boring F1 has got.

Here's to the crazy ones......

29 July 2010

Ecclestone treats F1 like his own Scalextric set for mega-rich playboys. As a result it has stagnated and is becoming increasingly irrelevant to ordinary fans or the development of systems for use in road cars, which was at one time the superficial rationale. Ecclestone needs to be reminded that Ferrari, Maclaren, Red Bull etc were all new boys playing his game once and he needs new blood to help prevent his over-sized, international, slot-car game from stagnating still further.

29 July 2010

That must be really heartening for the new teams to hear from Commandant Bernie. Really cheer them up and make them improve their efforts I am sure...not...also, will it really encourage new sponsorship into F1, as very often the newer teams can bring new businesses into the fold - without them, a lot cannot afford the fees required to advertise on the established cars.

Poor thinking Bernie - again...

To live is to drive

29 July 2010

Hang on, wasn't it Bernie that wanted more teams? I must admit though, HRT is struggling and I wonder how long before Branson sells the Virgin team (they can't get sponsors due to the "Virgin" brand getting all the attention). But I agree with Bernie that Lotus are the best of them and if they get the Renault engine next year, then added to the design staff they've pilfered from Force India, they should move up the grid quite nicely.

I kind of get the feeling that now Max has gone, the rest of the F1 world has moved on to a new spirit of co-operation - except for Bernie. He's still using the usual methods to divide the teams and create confusion, which does nothing for the sport. What it does do is de-stabalise the teams he's talking about and it wouldn't surprise me if that is deliberate because he's got buyers waiting for the teams/entries.

It won't happen, but maybe it's time for him to move on too. He can watch the GP's with Max at home and talk about the old days as a nurse brings their medication.

29 July 2010

[quote iamthestig]watching the Senna tribute on top gear, seeing 2 cars power sliding around a corner side by side has affirmed how boring F1 has got.[/quote]

I thought the exact same thing while watching that. If Bernie wants to improve F1, get rid of the downforce, and let the drivers true skill show through

29 July 2010

Reading this, I feel a bit sorry for HRT and Virgin, I know they haven't exactly been turning in top lap times but for a first season (and on F1-sized tiny budgets) I think they've done a good job. Bernie has a short memory, does he remember Toyota, BMW, Honda and (what was) Renault and what happened to them? Surely if the new teams are struggling to make ends meet, Bernie is the one to help them?

29 July 2010

Call me a conspiracy-theorist but I wonder if this has more to do with an eventual scrapping of the testing ban? The (big) teams hate the ban and it makes it difficult/dangerous for new drivers (and Schumacher) to get up to speed with the cars. However it costs mega-bucks and you can't encourage budget teams on one hand and have Ferrari, McLaren, etc spending hundreds of millions on testing each year on the other. Just a thought.

29 July 2010

That's if F1 survives this current debacle!, what's needed is a root and branch revision of the whole F1 racing ethic,for instance, why have two drivers?, want more competitive racing?, lets have one driver. one car outfits,give them all the same engines supplied by the FIA , also chassis aswell,as far as bodywork goes, give them freedom to do what they like, but above all we want honesty, the good drivers will win not because their in the right car,but because they drove the best race, of course some teams will leave F1, but maybe that would be a good thing i'm getting fed up only having two teams to choose from each year, ok, four then, lets see what Uncle Bernie comes up with, eh?

Peter Cavellini.

29 July 2010

There's only one conclusion to be had from Bernie's comments; he not making enough money because it costs to keep the smaller teams in F1. Lets face it, he's only really interested in F1 now as a money making machine, as long as he's the beneficiary of course. F1 would be far better off without him and his constant stirring to cause controversy and unsettle everyone.

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