Currently reading: Ford Mustang Mach-E on trial with seven UK police forces
Concept on display at Emergency Services Show in Birmingham as forces explore green alternatives

A Ford Mustang Mach-E police concept has been unveiled at the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham, following several requests from forces around the country to evaluate the electric SUV.

Seven UK forces - the Metropolitan Police, Sussex, Surrey, South Wales, Dyfed-Powys, Devon and Cornwall, and Police Scotland - have either tested the Mustang Mach-E or asked for a full report on a specially built prototype.

The forces are thought to be looking for cars that are greener than the combustion-engined vehicles that make up most of their current fleets.

The conversion of the Mach-E police concept was overseen by Essex-based Ford partner Safeguard SVP. The car is based on the Standard Range AWD version of the SUV, but Ford plans to offer an Extended Range model with the choice of rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

In July, an Extended Range Mustang Mach-E set a world record for efficiency from an electric car on a journey between John O’Groats and Land’s End. Officially, the electric SUV can travel 379 miles between charges.

In GT trim, the concept is capable of 0-62mph in 3.7sec and a top speed of 111mph. The concept has been fitted with bespoke mounting pods and brackets, and all of the lights are LEDs to keep energy consumption as low as possible. The ‘999 livery’ is designed to maximise visibility both day and night.

There’s also no chance of the blue lights diminishing the concept’s electric range. “The vehicle range is uncompromised as the blue light equipment is being drawn from the vehicle’s 12V battery and not the drive battery,” said Terry Adams, Blue Light direct sales manager at Ford of Britain and Ireland.

“In future developments, we will look to increase this battery capacity to allow for additional equipment to be fitted.”


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xxxx 7 September 2021

@artill. 'Unlike some with blinkered minds i hope the police get as many options about future mobility as possible'. See what I done there, clue see you comments about hyundai hydrogen sports car. 

artill 7 September 2021

So various police forces will try a free vehicle that will make them look green? Will they have the top speed increased above 112 mph too? It might not make the best chase vehicle until the crims have gone green too.