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F1-inspired Infiniti concept to be shown at Detroit motor show in January

The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge concept has been previewed ahead of its official reveal at the Detroit motor show in January.

The concept, which Infiniti says is inspired by Formula One, is based on the Q50 sports saloon and is intended to show a high-performance variant of the car. 

Named after the famous corner at the Spa circuit, Infiniti says its concept "blends road car technology with a thoroughbred motorsport vision".

While performance and interior upgrades on the Q50 concept haven't been revealed, Infiniti has added "aerodynamic styling treatments" and design elements developed from its work in Formula One, where the company is partnered with Red Bull Racing.

The firm's design boss Alfonso Albaisa said: "Performance is a key pillar of Infiniti’s DNA and this car expresses a deepened design interpretation of that.  The Q50, with an abundance of technologies, provides a great basis for an extreme performance version, embodied in the design of Q50 Eau Rouge".

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rgt88 6 December 2013

Dear Marketing People

Dear Marketing People of Earth: Anytime I, or people with a dose of common sense, see material about an upcoming product with F1 styling influence, please rest assured that all respect for your brand, let alone the product will be promptly lost. I'm sorry, but it is absolutely daft to even remotely hint at F1 styling inspirations. Oh gee are we going to have a funky looking front end bumper with silly looking aero wing elements, perhaps a fake carbon-fibre looking, rear diffuser with a fake light in the middle? How about a Charlie Whiting Edition Q50 which will penalize me 20,000 euros for improper garage onto pit road exit? WOW! I am so NOT impressed. So unless you're coming out with a Caparo T1 like vehicle, please, keep your F1 bonanza nonsense to your fake selves. Regards, A person possessing logic greater than a 5 year old.
prodata 5 December 2013

Eau Rogue concept

Not quite sure how you pronounce that. . Would it be like 'You rogue!' (perhaps meaning the author?).