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First pics of the Dodge Dart from Detroit; full details coming later this afternoon

The first official pictures of the Dodge Dart compact four-door saloon, which is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta architecture, have leaked out.

The car, which is a critical launch in the US as its average fuel economy was a key part of Fiat's deal to buy more shares in Chrysler, is due to be unveiled at Monday's Detroit motor show, when full technical details will also be revealed.

The Giulietta’s Compact Wide architecture has been lengthened and widened to underpin the Dart and has been renamed to Compact US Wide. The Dart will be built in America at Chrysler’s Belvidere plant – the subject of a $600 million investment - next year as a 2013 model year car.

See official images of the Dodge Dart, plus show pics

The Dart will be the smallest, most fuel-efficient model in Dodge’s range when it is launched. Power will come from the choice of three four-cylinder petrol engine options: a Fiat-supplied turbocharged 1.4-litre MultiAir and two new 2.0-litre and 2.4-litre ‘Tigershark’ units, the latter of which gets Fiat’s MultiAir technology.

The new Dart has been inspired by Dodge’s car of the same name from the 1960s, which was also a smaller entry-level model for the brand. Dodge claims the 2013 car “blends Alfa Romeo DNA with Dodge’s passion for performance”.

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ronmcdonald 10 January 2012

Re: Dodge Dart revealed

Volvophile wrote:
ronmcdonald wrote:
Please explain that one. Are you saying if someone passes comment that you disagree with, it's deemed pointless? It's a public forum and everyone is entitled to voice their own opinion.
There is nothing wrong with criticism, provided it is constructive. What you said about seeing something similar lined up outside Orlando airport in the 1990's for example meant nothing.

Then let me explain if the message went over your head. The car is devoid of any character, there is nothing to distinguish this car from anything else on the road, it's instantly forgettable. The car is mass produced, a parasite which lives of the brands various parts bins, and thus sold on as a 'pile 'em high sell 'em cheap basis which no doubt means dubious build quality. The rental market is the car's primary target because they can buy them in bulk cheap.

Within the year, you order any intermediate vehicle from any value-4-money orientated rental company (Budget, Dollar etc) and the chances are you'll be driving a Dart.

And as for the photos published above - yes I do see similarities for the exact reason I've just given. That photo of a mid 90's neon could be any car from that era. Same goes for the Dart, it's ultra conservative, it could be any car.

Don't take things so literally guys, use your brain.

xanderbrown 10 January 2012

Re: Dodge Dart revealed

supermanuel 8 January 2012

Re: Dodge Dart revealed

I quite like it. It's interesting enough.

Perhaps they should bring it to Europe- stick a Lancia badge on it to give people an alternative to that horrific Delta thing.