The BMW 6-series is looking increasingly like a secondhand bargain
18 May 2010

The BMW 6-series is looking increasingly like a secondhand bargain - here guides you through the buying process.

Our expert advice comes from Dermot Dromey, owner of Southampton-based independent BMW servicing specialist Bartley's.

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"I'd buy a 3.0-litre, six-cylinder petrol," he says. "They seem to be more reliable than both the V8 and the diesel."


Faulty electric window sensors can cause the electric windows to close slowly - or not at all. Look out for corrosion or discolouration on the window chrome too. But there shouldn’t be any sign of rust. If there is, it’s bound to be a sign of a poor repair.


If it has a head-up display, be sure that it works; malfunctions can result from damage to the car’s wiring loom. Also be aware of auto headlights that don’t switch off and gearbox paddle shifters with bad connections.


There was a recall about rear shock absorber mounting failures in 2006. Another recall in 2008 warned against the rear axle carrier failing, so be vigilant for both. Rear knuckle joints should be changed at 50,000 miles, costing about £300

Wheels and tyres

The run-flats fitted to 6-series as standard are prone to punctures. They’re impossible to repair, don’t last long and are £300 each to replace. And they can do real damage to a wheel when they deflate. Best advice? Junk them and fit ordinary rubber.


If you’ve got a ‘check engine’ light on your dash, it could be that your camshaft position sensors need replacing. Leaking oil lines to valve timing units have been reported, as have cracked hoses, oil caps and valve covers.

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Our Verdict

BMW 6 Series coupé
The 6 Series shares its plaform with models as diverse as the 5 Series and Rolls-Royce Ghost

The BMW 6 Series is a superbly accomplished car, unless you’re a driving enthusiast

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18 May 2010

You did not say what to pay for the thing, though.

18 May 2010

You didn't look at the bottom of the page, it gave you some examples of various models, mileage, year etc.

18 May 2010

no it doesnt

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