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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up a week in gossip from across the automotive industry

In this week's round-up of automotive gossip, Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann tells us why he prefers to look forward, not back, Mercedes explains why Euro 7 will slim its model line-up, and more.

Why EV is good for ICE at Skoda

Skoda's electric car development programme is making your fuel-burning model even more efficient. No, really it is. Design boss Oliver Stefani pointed out the rear spoiler of the facelifted Kodiaq to us and said: “Working on EVs and ICE cars at the same time means you learn a lot. We worked hard on the Enyaq’s aerodynamics to reduce drag and we put that to good use on the Kodiaq.”

Forward, not back for Lamborghini (with exceptions)

2006 Lamborghini miura concept

It's amazing that Lamborghini’s designers got the reborn Countach past CEO Stephan Winkelmann, given his forward-looking approach. Not even the 2006 Miura reboot makes his eyes misty, as he told us: “I’m not in favour of redoing cars. I look at the Miura and think it’s great, but I think we really need to be focused on the future and we want to look back and say we were the ones who made new icons, not just copied old ones.” So, no Jarama EV?

Time for a clean-up at Mercedes

Mercedes-benz will the impending Euro 7 emissions rules to have a good tidy-up of its engine line-up. Chief operating officer Markus Schäfer reckons it “will reduce the number of engine variants, going through Euro 7, by about 50%”.

A more driver-friendly Ferrari

99 Ferrari 296 gtb 2021 official reveal hero front

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The 296 GTB promises to be one of the most controllable sports cars Ferrari has built. Technical boss Michael Leiters said: “If you are scared driving a car, it’s not fun, so the control is very important.” The wheelbase has been shortened by 50mm to reduce inertia and make the car easier to steer, and a new sensor measures movement in six directions to “estimate how close we are to the limit”, Leiters said.


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Deputy 24 August 2021

I have to disagree with the Ferrari Technical Boss about being scared is no fun. Some of my most memorable and fun times were on high power sports bikes that terrified me. I got satisfaction from controlling the power manually.  Might as well just go on a roller coaster if the car is going to take over. Still, the wedding car hire market and image Instagrammers who buy these won't care!