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Our reporters have been taking notes on all things automotive: here’s what they learned this week

In this week’s Autocar confidential, we ask what’s happening with the Elroq name Skoda registered earlier in the year, why the Aston Martin Valhalla will only be on sale for two years, and whether electric and hydrogen vehicles are really in a battle with one another.

Short-lived Valhalla?

We couldn’t help but notice the new, series-produced Aston Martin Valhalla supercar is set to be on sale for only two years. Does that mean it will already be outdated by 2025? “Not at all,” said CEO Tobias Moers. “But we have a cycle plan and something else will have come along by then.” 

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Evolution of Genesis

New kid on the block Genesis is hoping its digitalled-but-still-personable retail model will give it an edge over rivals in Europe. European MD Dominique Boesch reckons European customers “are looking for a different type of experience. They want to feel respected and they want to have their time appreciated differently.” True, but can we still come into a showroom for a free coffee?

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Skoda Elroq

Skoda registered the Elroq name earlier this year, but when asked if it will adorn the firm’s upcoming compact EV, company boss Thomas Schäfer chuckled. “I don’t know. I’m not convinced,” he said. He went on to say: “The naming is the last step and we probably won’t decide in the next 12 months.” Here’s hoping for the revival of the Estelle…

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Remember when we used to argue about petrol versus diesel? Now there’s an emerging discord between those who advocate EVs and those who think fuel cell vehicles will win out. Hydrogen powertrain firm Viritech’s CTO, Matt Faulks, told Autocar there’s no need to fight: “It’s not batteries versus hydrogen: it’s both. We need to bring both of those solutions together to solve the problems that are here now and upcoming.”

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bol 10 August 2021

In fairness the whole hydrogen vs battery thing came about because the established OEMs led by Toyota were almost exclusively saying "hydrogen" as a means of diverting attention from BEV progress. Of course we need both - particularly for long distance freight - but it's not going to be hydrogen instead of batteries.