'Evolutionary' looks and hybrid version
8 September 2009

The Peugeot 408, the company’s replacement for the 407, will be more conservatively styled and less of a visual leap forward than its predecessor, Autocar can reveal.

The car will be more evolutionary in its looks than the step from 406 to 407, said a company insider.

However, it is understood that the design will have eye-catching detailing and “hard-edged” looks that will help it stand out from other mid-sized saloons.

“The car will be an evolution, not revolution,” said the source. “For the overall effect, think Insignia.”

The new 408 will feature a hybrid powertrain in the line-up, most likely with a diesel engine rather than petrol.

Peugeot is pioneering the diesel hybrid in cars like the 3008 and will extend the technology to its next generation of saloons.

A hybrid 408 should be capable of class-leading economy and CO2 of less than 100g/km. It is expected to be officially revealed later this year and will go on sale in the UK in 2010.

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8 September 2009

Is the evolutionary looks just a face lift, just like the 307 to 308 was? No bad thing perhaps as the chassis is decent enough on the 407.

But please peugeot, can you make one someone might actually want. I speak as an MI16 , and then manual 3.0 V6 406 owner. The 407 appeared, and the V6 became auto only. When the coupe finaly got the V6 and a manual box it had gained so much weight it was hardly swift. (a very nice GT though).

If the RCZ is peugeot return to making drivers cars, lets hope they put some sparkle into the 408 somewhere.

8 September 2009

Fully agree. Try and make the coupe weigh less than 1,800kg and Peugeot might be in with a chance....

8 September 2009

Until the words Pininfarina start finding their way back in to Peugeot's styling department I don't believe we will see anything particularly stunning from the manufacturer.



It's all about the twisties........

8 September 2009

“For the overall effect, think Insignia.”

Please god No!

8 September 2009

Pardon my cynicism, but if someone from Peugeot actually said "think Insignia" then I believe either the individual or Peugeot Design or both deserve to be summarily shot!

Nothing against the Insignia, mind, but Peugeot has always had a distinct identity and style, be it for better or worse.

Speaking of which, Peugeot used to be fairly clever when it came to interior packaging which I feel is one of the weaker points of the current 407, so I hope this will be addressed in the 408.

For me, the RC-Z heralds a new age for design at Peugeot - let's hope the 408 confirms this.

8 September 2009

Not Insignia!!

Had a 407SW when they first came out and really liked it because it was different.

8 September 2009

Get rid of that grill first and foremost

8 September 2009

As someone said - whoever said Insignia wants shooting. The insignia is such a good example of what's wrong with car design. Instead of being practical it caricatures practicality.It pleases designers (who only ever seem to worry about transporting one person) and motoring journalists (ditto and they'll have a panic attack if the controls are in any way different to every other car on the market) and posers.

Peugeot should look at why the 406 was such a success. For a start they need a decent estate car - maybe they could get a designer with a family and a few friends and find out what cars are actually for.

8 September 2009

[quote Chris576]Peugeot should look at why the 406 was such a success[/quote]

I agree, the 406 was a good family car. That's probably why I see just as many 406 mini-cabs, even now as I do 407 cabs.

As for the design of the Insignia you are correct. I sat in the back of one recently and was surpised at the lack of head room (my hair was brushing the roof lining). Worst of all I nearly knocked myself out by banging my head on the tiny door opening on the way in. I wouldn't mind all this if I was 6'5" but I'm not I'm 5' 11". As for loading kids into child seats etc, forget it unless you want back problems. Family car my arse.

8 September 2009

While many people dislike the front end of the 407 (it's not great, but the lights and the low look are good, the grille is what irks most), I think its worst look is the C pillar or the rear 3/4 angle. It is very awkward looking there. I hope Peugeot can change that and improve interior space too, as someone else said. For me the grille is too large but overall, the front is better than other Peugeots, though it has the gawky family likeness, it appears better on the 407.

The Insignia should not be a blue print. It's boring. The line behind the front wheel arch is heavy handed. We need proper family cars with plenty of head room in the rear and easy access/egress. No more 4 door coupes please.


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