Currently reading: Nissan reveals Twizy-based EV
Nissan New Mobility Concept is based on the Renault Twizy, but not yet confirmed for production

Nissan has revealed its own concept version of the Renault Twizy two-seater electric city car.

Dubbed Nissan New Mobility Concept and expected to use the same 20bhp electric motor and lithium ion battery pack as the Twizy, it has been designed by Nissan to evaluate new ways in which electric vehicles can be used.

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These include improving mobility at tourist attractions and acting as a link between existing public transport networks, as well as ‘two-mode EV car sharing’, which would see the car used by urban commuters in the morning and evening and as a corporate car during business hours.

Nissan wouldn’t be drawn on its full-scale production chances, however, describing it as “another electric concept we are looking at”.

The Twizy will reach UK showrooms next year, costing from around £6000. Nissan’s first production electric call will be the Leaf, which also go on sale in the UK next year.Read the full story on the new Renault Twizy

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PhilM4000 1 November 2010

Re: Nissan reveals Twizy-based EV

Well I love it, this and the Twizy as well as Murray's T25 makes me think we are getting into the 21st century, can't wait to see them on the road. Electric cars must give designers a whole new range of packaging options and these narrow designs give the car a future in cities that was looking at risk. I hope we see many more alternative designs on the personal transport module theme.

FastRenaultFan 1 November 2010

Re: Nissan reveals Twizy-based EV

Eh no Renault designed this all Nissan done was put there badge on it and changed the wheels a bit surly they could have made it a little more different and iff Renault are going to sell it why would Nissan not its not going to cost anymore and they could sell it in the markets that Renault are not in .

pete_79 1 November 2010

Re: Nissan reveals Twizy-based EV

The wheels look like they're off a MacLaren. The baby buggy, not the supercar....