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Gordon Murray's new city car has more interior space than rivals
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2 September 2009

Gordon Murray’s new city car, the T25, will have more interior space than rivals such as the Smart Fortwo and the Toyota iQ, according to the car’s designer.

The three-seater, which uses a central driving position, places the driver at the front and in the middle of the car. The two passengers are set back on either side.

See the Gordon Murray T25 picture gallery here

Steve Cropley blog - Why Gordon Murray must be taken seriously

With just the driver aboard, it’s claimed the 2.4-metre long, 1.25-metre-wide T25 will offer 750 litres of luggage capacity; the unoccupied passenger space is capable of storage. Murray calls the central driving position iCentre, and it is crucial to the amount of space in the T25.

The rear-mounted 660cc engine and positioning of the battery and fuel tank under the floor also help to maximise interior dimensions.

To get around the potential access problem, the T25 has two doors: a hatch at the rear and a side-hinged door at the front of the car that allows entry to the passenger compartment in the style of the Isetta bubble car.

Murray said he will have a finished body prototype running within a month and is aiming to get the car into production within 24 months.

Murray’s company will not build the T25; instead, he will license the production process. He is working on getting the car built in the UK, and is in talks with several interested parties. Murray described the talks as “making good progress”.

To read Steve Cropley's exclusive first drive of a T25 mule, buy Autocar magazine, on sale today.

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2 September 2009

I'm waiting to see some proper pictures. All these claims he's making seem to be very bold indeed, I hope they translate into reality! Looking forward to this car.

2 September 2009

Yes, proper pictures without the word AUTOCAR obscuring what they contain. I mean, come on, when watermarking you just need to put your logo within the potential crop area, not skewed over the whole bloody image.

In addition, not one of the photos hints at what the production car might look like - for that you have to Google and visit other sites.

Time to put the readers in charge ;)

2 September 2009

Looks like one big joke...

2 September 2009

2.4-metre long, 1.25-metre-wide

This is going to be an absolute winner in crowded cities like Rome. How clever. Good luck.

2 September 2009

Good to hear more news on this project - very exciting! Think it will really shake things up if/when it makes production...

2 September 2009

it looks a bit boxy if you ask me

2 September 2009

designed for competing in soap box races no doubt. what a laugh

2 September 2009

Man's rollin BIG on them dubz, proper G'd up

2 September 2009

Have my doubts about the T25 project. Here's one that makes more sense, as far as I'm concerned... Small is not the issue... Sleek may well be... For reasons of passenger safety, comfort, handling characteristics and energy-efficiency. Use a clever seating layout and you'll be able to accommodate three grown-ups easily.

seating layout front SEV

2 September 2009

Almost everything that I have ever seen that has the Murray signature is a status symbol of superb automotive art.

Gordon Murray long ago became fed up with the 'bling' kind of car and mega buck motors almost as if he had swallowed a massive sensibility pill of sustainable and utterly practical motoring life.

The man is brilliant, quite brilliant and he should be supported the World over.

Go on Gordon, there are countless zillions of sensible motorists out there who are simply longing for the automotive results of your creative pen.


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