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French Mini-rival almost ready for production

Citroen has revealed the interior of the DS Inside concept for the first time and even though the car is still officially a concept, as our pictures show it is clearly almost production-ready, with a stereo, climate control and even a number plate.

The French car maker is going after a slice of the Mini market with this car, emphasising both sportiness and quality.

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The DS Inside has a leather-laden cabin, with body-hugging two-tone sports seats featuring multiple sections that mimic a watch bracelet.

To emphasis the driver-focused nature of the car the seats are set low behind a small steering wheel. The basic dashboard architecture is the same as will be used in the new C3. In the DS3 it flows across the car with a dark cowling over the conical instruments.

The dashboard styling flows across the car with a dark cowling over the conical instruments. There is a thick “lounge-style” carpet, black chrome detailing throughout the cabin.

The exterior of the roof is leather with a powder-like finish and is embossed with the DS line badge, although Citroen is considering bringing back the seventies-style vinyl roof.

Mark Lloyd, styling project manager, said buyers will be able to choose from a huge variety of individual specifications for their car. He added that the DS3 is designed to “appeal to both men and women”.

The DS Inside is 95 per cent what the DS3 will look like, an insider at Citroen told Autocar. The DS3 will go on sale in March 2010 and will be closely based on the new C3, due towards the end of this year.

The C3 will be the first Citroen to wear the new look double chevron badge, followed by the DS3. The DS3 will be the first of the new range of DS models to go on sale, aimed at providing a more desirable product than standard Citroen models.

It will be pitched between the Mini hatch and Mini Clubman, with greater practicality than the three-door but slightly less space than the Clubman.

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