I came away from the Geneva motor show completely revved up about the Citroen DS concept. I like what Citroen is trying to do – making the brand more upmarket with a credible Mini rival – and I liked the concept itself; it’s fresh, funky and refreshingly free from any retro design cues.

But I came away from Paris yesterday even more impressed, after seeing the latest iteration of the concept. This time round we got to see the inside of the car and a cabin which, give or take a couple of items, will be what we get on the real thing when it goes on sale next March.

In short, it’s lovely. Probably even better, in fact, than the exterior styling. And if the quality and excitement of the whole thing do make it onto the production car as promised (and I’ve got no reason to doubt the Citroen big cheeses) then plenty of DS3s could easily be nestling next to Minis in the car park of a luxury apartment block near you.

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