Currently reading: VW aspires to be 'automotive Apple'
Volkswagen wants to become the automotive equivalent of Apple with its new car designs

Volkswagen wants to become the automotive equivalent of Apple with its new car designs, according to the man behind the looks of the new Volkswagen CC.

Speaking at the CC’s launch in France, VW CC exterior design chief, Martin Kropp, said: “You have Apple and you have other products. This is what VW wants to be.”

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Kropp said inspiration for the styling revisions to VW’s revised swoopy four-door came from Mont Blanc fountain pens, Apple products and designer watches.

“You enjoy looking at all these products,” he said. “You know there is the function and engineering behind the products, but you also enjoying looking at them. You want simple designs and this is what we’re trying to achieve.”

Kropp said that VW design was now at the stage where small technical improvements could help differentiate the German brand from its rivals. “We’re now looking at the fine details to really push ahead,” he said. “The head and tail lights of the new CC for instance now have lots of fine lines and intricate styling details.

“The CC is one of the last VWs to get the new corporate face, but everything has been improved in the quality of the look. We’ve taken inspiration from the Phaeton for it.”

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Lesia44 25 January 2012

Re: VW aspires to be 'automotive Apple'

ThwartedEfforts wrote:
Is this while driving your Ferrari?
And you were doing so well up to that point...

ThwartedEfforts 25 January 2012

Re: VW aspires to be 'automotive Apple'

Lesia44 wrote:
So there are good reasons for buying a Mac, then, and it's not all just skinny latte posers? Oh, and the ThinkPad? Are you serious? My girlfriend gets supplied with those by her work. The forum swear checker would go into meltdown if I told you what she has to say about them...

insubstantial anecdotal forum drivel

ThinkPad Laptops Lead Quality and Reliability Rankings
May 20, 2010 Lenovo #1

Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2011
March 22, 2011 Lenovo #2

RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report
June 6, 2011 Lenovo #1

etc. - this is unsurprisingly why it remains the most popular corporate laptop.

Six Times and Counting: Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops Tops for Corporate Customer Satisfaction

Skinny latte posers - what are you talking about?

Lesia44 wrote:
so I know very well what top of the line PCs feel and behave like (as I said, I use both daily)

Is this while driving your Ferrari?

Lesia44 25 January 2012

Re: VW aspires to be 'automotive Apple'

Maxycat wrote:
As Apple have just announced a record profit for the last three months of $13bn maybe that is what VW aspire too. As far as I am concerned a big reason not to buy Apple products is their high profits.
Don't worry about buying their products, buy their shares. It's like buying a licence to print money!