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Cadillac is planning to offer the Cadillac CTS-V in right-hand drive as part of a European push

Cadillac is planning to offer the Cadillac CTS-V in right-hand drive as part of a renewed commitment to taking markets outside North America more seriously.

General Motors marketing chief Joel Ewanick said the 556bhp V8-powered CTS-V was a “car designed for Europe, but one we haven’t treated seriously in Europe”.

The CTS-V is currently only available in left-hand drive, meaning the UK – potentially one of the most popular markets for the car – is denied the chance to get it in its ideal set-up for the roads.

“We’re geared up for right-hand drive now,” said Ewanick. “We’re working on it.”

The new BMW 3-series-sized Cadillac ATS saloon is the first global Cadillac under the firm’s renewed commitment to success outside of North America. Ewanick is confident of success in Europe this time, as “we’ve signed in blood.”

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“There wasn’t a commitment to the product before and we didn’t design cars to the market demands,” he said. “The Germans do this very well. There is now a full resource commitment and a vision to get this right. Bankruptcy refocused GM.”

All new Cadillacs would be developed similarly with global markets in mind, but Ewanick said there was no rush to get new models to market and they would be replaced under normal lifecycles.

Cadillac revealed a luxury concept, the Cadillac Ciel, at Pebble Beach last summer, but GM design chief Ed Welburn was quick to play down its production chances, despite a desire to build it.

“The Ciel reaction was very good,” he said. “But we’ve got lots of other Cadillacs to do. It’s the busiest time in our history for all our GM brands.

“It was a strategic time to introduce a luxury concept to the brand, but you need to remember where we are with Cadillac at the moment; the Ciel is a much higher type of luxury.”

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Peter Cavellini 20 January 2012

Re: UK-specific Cadillac CTS-V planned

Guffria wrote:

Jesus chris what a load of whinging boring people I am reading!

This that and the other about the Caddy... Fact is it's going to trounce BMW and such the fact is it's a performance saloon. A diesel? WTF who cares about a car that you have to drive long distance to get 80mpg and low Co2 emissions. How polution has been caused to make BMW's entire 100,000 models, or Audis or Mercs or Fords or Vauxhalls people always seem to forget how much polution car makers do when building it's range! I'm sick of hearing it! MPG, Co2, diesel blah blah... Where are the EU regulations that stops these manufacturers making a billion models? Oh no can't do that! Fact is it's goiong to be cheaper probably perform better but because it's a CADDY! AMERICAN CAR! "I hate it" "I won't be buying one"... "I just want a German car instead" BASICALLY!

I don't I want English or none German... Those EU bashing idiots can keep there cars!

Remember Buster Blood vessel!?, yeah! killed him the words of our glorious leader (yes!, i'm joking).......calm down dear, calm down!

Overdrive 20 January 2012

Re: UK-specific Cadillac CTS-V planned

Guffria wrote:

It comes from all the BS biasedness I read from people who pretend to love cars! It's going to be RHD and instantly everyone hates it... WHY? "It's American"... "Oh I don't want it" blah blah blah blah! Well I don't want a Diesel? (off topic now) 300C V8 Hemi yes please V6 diesel no chance! I mean the only people who benifit from diesel are business man/women traveling longdistance? I don't care about diesel never will, because all this DPF going on not interested! Hate the noise, even though im not big on engine noise! The only thing people want are German cars! I don't, I want English or British or none French and German! I wish more people would be more OPEN to other cars instead of oh well i'm off to the German car dealership to buy my boring German car! Yes I think there boring!


That made my morning. I like a fellow who doesn't hold back. :)

On a more serious note, I agree about the dismissive attitude towards anything American by some. True enough, the Yanks have produced a plethora of lemons over the years (and still do), but some of their recent cars are more than decent. And like I always say, it's good to have more choice in the market place

Mario B 20 January 2012

Re: UK-specific Cadillac CTS-V planned

Parking ticket, speeding ticket, puncture or cold dinner was it?