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A coupé version of the MG 5 is in development, but a UK launch is unlikely

An MG 5-based MG coupé is under development, targeted for the Chinese market.

A company spokesman confirmed the model, understood to be called MG 4, is in development but it is conceived officially as a proof of concept. The model would be the third MG 5-based model, after the hatchback and a saloon.

The model shares its platform with the MG 5 hatchback, and would likely take that model’s 1.5-litre engine, either in naturally aspirated or turbocharged form. Local media reports suggest the MG 6’s 1.8-litre turbocharged engine could also be fitted.

MG have confirmed that the MG4, should it make production, would not be offered in the UK. The firm has already ruled out the MG 5 for the UK market since it could be a distraction from MG’s current core offering.

MG has previously considered adding coupé models to its range. The previous incarnation of the firm created the TF-based MG GT concept, which was powered by a 200bhp V6 engine, as well as the Rover 75 coupé. Neither model made production.

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Smilerforce 19 November 2013

hahaha you could have called

hahaha you could have called the sunday sport a 'legitimate' newspaper. Or these PPI call centres 'legitimate' financial services, but when (including MG) are pretty poor at the outputted results of these 'legitimate' companies we as consumers are more than entitled to give critical feedback. Bizarre would be to stand here and commend them on the their outstanding sales results, world class manufacturing techniques and innoative cars that could really set a benchmark for the industry. They have missed a trick though. Consumer white goods is an ideal place for MG to re-establish the company. MG Fridges, washing machines and Dishwashers.
optima 14 November 2013

UK or not ?

According to some other UK car magazines and web sites the MG 5 will be coming to the UK some time next year to sit in the gap between the MG3 and MG6. Guess we will just have to wait to see who is right.
MG Writer 15 November 2013

optima wrote: According to

optima wrote:
According to some other UK car magazines and web sites the MG 5 will be coming to the UK some time next year to sit in the gap between the MG3 and MG6. Guess we will just have to wait to see who is right.
I think that is just lazy list-making that fills the pages of some rags with 'coming soon' tables which they only bother to update once in a blue moon.
jonboy4969 14 November 2013

@Paul 896, regardless of what

@Paul 896, regardless of what you say, all my points ARE valid, they are selling MG3's by the bucket load, some dealers are selling cars daily, compared to what they were before. The motoring press in the UK, generally is for the UK, there are various other Autocar magazines in other countries, so why not let them report the cars that are being sold in those countries and we report stuff that's relevant to here. The MG5 was NEVER going to be released here, MG China never once said it was, so teh relevancy to it here is zero, maybe the magazines etc should concentrate on the new SUV, replacement MG6, MG9 and the first new sports car in a generation with an MG badge, all cars that WILL be sold here.
paul896 15 November 2013

If you read carefully, I

If you read carefully, I didn't doubt your points or that the MG3 is being sold 'by the bucket load' What I am saying is that if you are going to be as narrow minded as that, why not only read the articles for the cars that you can afford rather than the new Ferrari or Lamborghini, etc. Auto Express, EVO and other mags often test cars that are sold only in the US or Asia, which I enjoy reading. I live in a country where English is not an official language, so it is nice to read reviews and news in English. Some cars here are not sold in the UK and vice versa. All I am saying is there is no harm in expanding your limited horizons. Plus, if you are not interested in reading a review,skip it!
MG Writer 15 November 2013

Yes, I see where you are

Yes, I see where you are coming from Jonboy. After all, why waste your time reading in National newspapers about events in other countries that you may never go to when all you need to read is your local free newspaper. In fact, why waste your time on the Internet, polluted as it is with opinions and interests that do not match your own, when you could comfortably sit with a full length mirror in front of you gazing contentedly at your navel.