Currently reading: Lamborghini on course to sell more than 3000 cars in 2015
The Italian performance car manufacturer will break its sales record and is aiming to double its volumes again when the Urus SUV arrives in 2018

Lamborghini will sell more than 3000 cars for the first time this year, comfortably eclipsing the record of 2530 sales set in 2014.

The Bologna-based company achieved its sales with the Huracan and the Lamborghini Aventador sports cars. Chief executive Stephan Winkelmann said: “For the company this is an incredible achievement. We have enjoyed constant growth since the year 2010.”

Winkelmann added that the strong performance was crucial because development of Lamborghini’s third model, the Urus SUV, is now underway.

“We need to put a lot of money down to produce the third model. Investment is high on the Urus and therefore we need to have a stable sales performance on the Huracan and Aventador,” he said.

When production of the new SUV is up and running in 2018, Winkelmann anticipates that Lamborghini will “more or less double the volumes that we have now, to between 5000 and 6000 cars”.

He added: “Urus will achieve two aims: it will be a car that is fitting for the brand, but it will also give us the opportunity to be in a market sector that is much larger and still growing.

“We need a more stable company that is not only reliant on the super sports market, which is about 30,000 on average each year, spread across many global regions. It is very emotional and volatile as a market. We have high investments and low volumes on such vehicles, so if we want to safeguard the future of the super sports cars, we need a broader approach.”

Winkelmann said Lamborghini did not have a specific upper ceiling on sales, and that much of the expected sales growth would be targeted at still-emerging markets. He added that “it will always be a growth that is less than the demand” to retain exclusivity.

Lamborghini will invest heavily in its infrastructure in preparation for Urus production, hiring about 500 new employees and almost doubling the size of its Sant’Agata factory.


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