Currently reading: Dacia pledges to reduce prices when production costs dip
Dacia's 'essential' ethos means its cars are cheaper to produce, but material and energy costs still have an impact

Dacia will reduce the prices of its cars when the cost of energy, parts and raw materials used in production also come down, brand head Denis Le Vot promised.

Dacia has become one of the most visible brands for price rises as it pushes through cost increases over the last few months onto customers.

The Dacia Sandero, the brand’s entry-level car in the UK, was launched in 2020 with a start price of £7995, but the loss of the budget Access trim and a series of price rises now means the car starts from £12,595, a hike of 58%.

Le Vot promised that a fall in production costs would be met by list price reductions.

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