Currently reading: The British firm revolutionising hydrogen fuel cell production
Common printed circuit boards will enable much quicker and cheaper production of hydrogen systems

Hydrogen versus battery power for cars is a debate that polarises opinion. But the potential use of hydrogen in fuel cell systems goes way beyond passenger vehicles.

Bramble Energy was founded in 2016 as a spin-off from work at University College London and Imperial College by Tom Mason, Dan Brett and Anthony Kucernak. The three scientists are co-inventors of a revolutionary method of making fuel cells called Printed Circuit Board Fuel Cell (PCBFC), which cuts the time of making a bespoke fuel cell system from 14 -16 months to 10 -30 days.

The breakthrough came during Mason’s PhD project. “The core concept behind it was to look at what exactly was the barrier to scaling up fuel cells and why they’re so expensive,” he explains.

Conventional wisdom blamed the cost on rare materials like platinum, but Mason points out there’s no more in a fuel cell than there is in a combustion car’s catalytic converter.

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