Currently reading: Volkswagen Group: EU tariffs on Chinese cars 'potentially dangerous'
CEO Oliver Blume says making it harder for Chinese firms to sell in Europe could stifle innovation and prompt retaliation

Volkswagen Group CEO Oliver Blume has said imposing tariffs on Chinese cars in Europe would stifle competition and could risk retaliatory action in China. 

Speaking at the company's annual press conference, he opined that making it more difficult for Chinese firms to sell cars in Europe would ultimately threaten the ability of European firms to compete at a global level.  

"We're in favour of free world trade and fair world trade as well. All economic operators must follow the same rules. So it works both ways," Blume said.  

"What is potentially dangerous is that if you engage in protectionist practices on one side, you will cause this type of opposite protectionism on the other side.

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