Currently reading: Bugatti unveils new logo in bid to become 'hyper-luxury brand'
Rebranding of the French hypercar maker includes new colourway, 'modern' typeface and simplified logo

Bugatti has unveiled a new corporate identity as it pushes to become a “wider-reaching hyper-luxury brand”.

The French marque, famous in modern times for the Bugatti Veyron and Bugatti Chiron, said the rebranding will allow it to move away from being seen as just an “iconic hyper-sports car manufacturer”.

Currently, Bugatti has a number of partnerships with lifestyle brands that sell products coupled with its famous name or red-oval badge. These range from champagne bottles to clothing, watches, home appliances and even pool tables.

The rebranding includes a fresh, simplified EB logo (the initials of company founder Ettore Bugatti), a “modern” typeface and a new Bugatti Blue colourway, which references the firm's French origin.

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