Currently reading: Electric living: Norway, the EV capital of the world
The country has, proportionally, the highest number of EV sales. Here's what owners have to say

Heidi Myrene parks her 2015 Tesla Model S in the last available slot in a Tesla Supercharger station in Lier, 23 miles south-west of Oslo. She's off to the family lakeside cabin, where the charging is slower than in their main home.

It's a hassle stopping to charge, and she rarely needs to, but this ensures the battery will be full enough for the return journey. It's all so normal that she seems surprised to be asked questions about her EV life. Her biggest grumble? Norwegian road grime. "It's a terrible place to have a nice car."

Heidi myrene tesla

Welcome to Norway, a country where the electric future has already arrived.

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