Currently reading: UK is most suited country in Europe to mass EV adoption, data shows
Key to the claim by analytics firm Geotab is the low average daily mileage driven by UK fleets

The UK is the most suited market in Europe to the mass-adoption of EVs, especially fleets, according to new data that analysed 1.3 million vehicles across seven countries.

In its 'Taking charge: on the road to an EV future' report, analytics firm Geotab claims 66% of combustion-powered UK-based fleet vehicles could be swapped for an electric alternative without impacting daily usability and saving businesses thousands of pounds in costs.

The key to this claim is the mileage driven by UK business motorists. Over 12 months, tracked vehicles averaged 52 miles a day – “well within the limits of current EV technology”, Aaron Jarvis, Geotab’s AVP sales and business development, told Autocar.

“Of the [vehicles we tracked], 49% never drove more than 250 miles in a day during the period of the study,” he added.

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