Currently reading: Porsche partners with Mobileye on level-two-plus driver assistance
Mobileye's Supervision advanced driver assistance technology will be used in future production models

Porsche has partnered with Mobileye, the autonomous driving division spun out of Intel in 2022, for the supply of level-two-plus advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Porsche says it intends to use Mobileye's Supervision technology as the basis for a range of ADAS functions in future production cars.

Described as Mobileye's most advanced driver assistance system currently in production, Supervision is claimed to allow hands-off driving in combination with a navigation function, provide autonomous lane-changing capability and allow automated overtaking of slower cars on multi-lane roads.

At the centre of Mobileye's flagship ADAS system is a series of sensors, including seven cameras, four parking cameras, four short-range radars and a long-range radar.

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