A new V8 and hybrid engine planned for next 5-series
13 December 2007

The new 5-series will go on sale in March 2009, and is expected to draw heavily on the current model for its styling, resulting in an evolutionary design. A larger grille treatment and greater use of LEDs to give its lighting a more hi-tech and distinguished look. The BMW is set to grow by 10mm to around 4849mm long, mostly through a stretch in the wheelbase.In order to prevent weight gain and reduce emissions, BMW will use a developed version of the current model’s aluminium spaceframe front end mated to a steel rear.The big news under the bonnet is the appearance of a new range-topping 4.4-litre V8 turbo with direct injection. It uses a similar twin-turbo system to BMW’s existing turbocharged 3.0-litre six for more than 400bhp.BMW and Mercedes-Benz want to ensure that the 5-series and E-class remain at the forefront of safety. Added to the long list of features already found in today’s models will be blind-spot recognition and automatic lane-change detection systems.Supporting such systems will be electrics capable of linking the systems in one network for faster reactions and a more reliable operation. BMW already has this with its FlexRay arrangement, as used on the X5.The Efficient Dynamics technology already fitted to the 5-series will be a fundamental part of producing better economy and emissions, and the new model will also be available as a hybrid. Expect BMW to rival Mercedes' target of 47mpg and 150g/km.

Greg Kable

Image by DeLusi

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13 December 2007

Good God, if this is anywhere near close to the real design, then that designer will have a certificate on his wall. Yep, from the the Stevie Wonder school of motoring design. Him and the Granturismo designer.

13 December 2007

Arrggghhh - for gawds sake.

It's an artists impression of something that is a year and a half away. It's another BMW 'no story' story.

Guess what? A 5 series and an E class go head to head in a showroom battle.

No sh*t Sherlock.

15 December 2007

Kee Law - I agree...Most interesting in this case is the twin-turbo V8 that will be installed with 407bhp...

15 December 2007

[quote Kee Law]

would be interesting to understand the source of some of these stories. greg is in germany i believe, so i would presume the details came from an insider. this would be an insight worthy of news.

it is fun to have speculation about forthcoming models, happens all the time with other makers as well. what's wrong with it? papers speculate all the time about all sorts of stuff, i presume you berate them as well?


I don't think there is anything wrong with challenging the anticedence of information that is claimed to be from the 'inside'.

Newspapers wise, I tend to read the broadsheets which give opinion on confirmed facts most of the time so I don't agree with what you say this time. And even then, I take it all with a big pinch of salt.

My work life is centred around the notion of speculation and outcome - speculating to successfully guess, pre-empt and change an undesirable outcome - but also learningfrom the trends and patterns that led to the outcome we had before intervention. When I read this sort of speculative journalism, I like to think I can see what it is for what it is - others will undoubtedly enjoy it though and I am happy to acknowledge that.

15 December 2007

What? Another one?

What chance have BMW got to produce a classic when, they change the designs so often.........?

I still like the Z1..........

17 December 2007

Autocar I think feel all BMW's are classics.

Actually, the artist they use for the impressions designs better looking cars than Chris Bangle. Maybe they should look to employ him instead.

Probably could'nt take the pay drop!!!

1 March 2008

VEEERY NIIIICE!! This car looks awesome. And yes you are right - BMW is the best car make in the world

1 March 2008

And I quote: "...and greater use of LEDs to give its lighting a more hi-tech and distinguished look".

You Autocar lads should get up to your local KFC / McDonalds of an evening: you'll find loads of "hi-tech and distinguished" looking Corsas, Saxos, etc.

And I won't have a word said against Chris Mangle - sorry - Bangle...

1 March 2008

Unlike a lot of people I really like the shape of the current 5-series. I think it's one of the most inventive designs of the current crop of saloons on the market. This is just as well, because design wise, the 3 & 7 series are both duds and poorly conceived. But the 5 works really well.

As for this speculative image of the likely shape of the next 5-series, clearly it's been based on the CS concept and if the actual production car looks something close to it, I would expect BMW to have another winner on their hands.

1 March 2008

The BMW Z1 is a classic. Just let down by its engine.

I like the look of this new 5. Thank God its not another Bangle bungle and you can bet it'll knock the Jag XF for six when it arrives.

I hope BMW will go back to the days of producing sexy, sleek cars again because they certainly know how to build cars (as oppose to design them). The new 3 series coupe is a looker though, I reckon.


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