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The main focus of the 2014 Beijing motor show may have been on production cars, but there were still plenty of concepts and highly modified vehicles to keep an eye on. Here's our round-up of the best of the rest

The 2014 Beijing motor show proved Chinese manufacturers are ready to compete on the world stage with Western brands. While most cars on display at the show preview production cars, some were simply concepts or showed off what Chinese tuners can do. 

Here are our favourite weird and wonderful cars from the show. Let us know yours in the comments section below.

Chery Concept Beta 

This is Jaguar Land Rover's Chinese partner, and Chery's Concept Beta is a radical-looking five-door SUV concept intended to preview a new SUV to be launched in 2016. Distinguishing features include large 22-inch alloy wheels, shielded wheel arches, a short wheelbase, large lights and a prominent grille.

Brilliance V5

Revisions for the V5 are intended to retain buyers' interest for the next few years. Power for the £10,500 SUV comes from a 136bhp 1.5-litre petrol engine or a 120bhp 1.6-litre naturally aspirated unit.

Hawtai Shengdafei

The impressively named Shengdafei is Hawtai's new moniker for its A25. Although a concept, local media says that a production version should be ready soon, with a choice of engines including a 2.0-litre diesel destined primarily for export markets.

Hongqi L5

The L5 is the civilian version of the favoured government staff car. Production versions for public sale will be virtually identical, but will do without the flagpoles. Prices are expected to be the equivalent of around £300,000.


The BJ100 concept previews a big production SUV. Little has been revealed about the concept or the production version that'll arrive later, but BAIC says it will feature a hybrid powertrain without giving any more specifics away.

Peugeot Exalt

The impressive-looking Exalt could yet see the light of day as a Chinese-market saloon car. Its styling follows on from the Onyx concept and features wool-based fabric, leather, bare steel and ebony.

Chery Concept Alpha

Chery’s Concept Alpha has been conceived in the same vein as the VW CC and previews the Arizzo 5 saloon and compared to its Chinese contemporaries, has relatively restrained styling. Power will come from either a 1.5-litre atmospheric or 1.2-litre turbo.

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CH Auto Event 

The strangely named Event is CH's latest attempt at an all-electric sports car. Here, 400bhp and 479lb ft is claimed to afford a top speed limited to 124 and a 0-63mph of five seconds. CH bosses say it'll cover up to 124mph between recharges, a process that takes some six hours.

Baojun 730

The Baojun 730 is understood to be aimed at the lower end of the market where local car makers still dominate. The 730 will be priced from around £6,600 and has space for seven passengers.


The SC-9 boasts a range of concept car features, including a “gesture motion interaction system”, and is understood to showcase a number of features that'll feature on a forthcoming production model.

Dongfeng E30L EV

Another small electric vehicle at the Beijing show was the Dongfeng E30L EV. This, like the E20, is tiny at just 2,995mm long, which should make it feel at home on China’s cramped roads. The electric motor makes 21.5bhp, tops out at 49.7 mph and has a range of 160km.

Lifan 320 

The predecessor to this car was infamous as being a Chinese facsimile of the Mini hatchback. The updated 320 still shares a handful of visual cues from the British icon but has moved a little further away with a more aggressive front end and more sculpted rear. No word on power yet, but it could carry over the previous models 88bhp 1.3-litre petrol engine with manual or CVT transmissions.

Zotye E20 EV

This tiny city car is one of a new group of Chinese-built electric vehicles on display at Beijing. At just 2765mm long and priced around £9500 the vehicle could be China’s answer to its congested and polluted streets. Power comes from a 12bhp electric motor with 60.5lb ft of torque and the E20 can go 165 miles on a charge.

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Additional reporting by Mike Vousden

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Frightmare Bob 22 April 2014

Hongqi L5...

£300.000 for a car that looks like it is based on an old Zil?
concinnity 23 April 2014

Frightmare Bob wrote:£300.000

Frightmare Bob wrote:

£300.000 for a car that looks like it is based on an old Zil?

Or an Austin Westminster?

marj 22 April 2014


I so want a Red Flag L5. Completely irrational nation i know but I love it's retro style and commits party get out of my way looks. At least it will be more individual than the P Diddy Bentley or Timberlake RR.