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BMW places giant billboard for 5-series above an Audi dealership

BMW has come up with an innovative way of undermining arch-rival Audi - by placing a giant billboard above its Hong Kong dealership.

The massive advertisement for the new 5-Series sits on a wall over the showroom windows.

See the Audi v BMW giant billboard

Audi and BMW have a long history of aggressive advertising towards each other, including waging war on billboards in California, points-scoring in European print adverts and, recently, Audi described BMW as "second best" in a primetime television advert.

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fuzzybear 2 May 2010

Re: Audi v BMW - it's war!


Leslie Brook 2 May 2010

Re: Audi v BMW - it's war!

Makes a change for the Germans to go to war against themselves.

Citytiger 2 May 2010

Re: Audi v BMW - it's war!

taylork wrote the following post at Tue, Apr 27 2010 3:46 PM: I went to a BMW dealership the otherday when they were hosting an open day. When I was speaing to one of the salesmen he described audi's choice of front wheel drive by saying " No, you don't want that ! FWD is for gypsys!". I personlly thought that comment was justified. :D
Didnt a recent survey carried out by BMW point out that a large percentage of owners didnt know their where RWD. For 90% of normal drivers there is nothing wrong with FWD, thats the reason the majority of cars today are configured so. The way most people vindicate RWD fun is not the way a sensible and responsible driver should be using their cars on public roads anyway.