BMW places giant billboard for 5-series above an Audi dealership
30 April 2010

BMW has come up with an innovative way of undermining arch-rival Audi - by placing a giant billboard above its Hong Kong dealership.

The massive advertisement for the new 5-Series sits on a wall over the showroom windows.

See the Audi v BMW giant billboard

Audi and BMW have a long history of aggressive advertising towards each other, including waging war on billboards in California, points-scoring in European print adverts and, recently, Audi described BMW as "second best" in a primetime television advert.

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27 April 2010

Any business with a bill board that size over their showroom would be mad not to use it themselves, or this is exactly what will happen. I imagine there are a queue of other makes wating to put their adverts up there after this comes down.

But really, do we care what BMW and Audi think of each other?

27 April 2010

[quote artill]But really, do we care what BMW and Audi think of each other?[/quote]

At least the BMW advert didn't directly slag off the Audi, unlike the Audi did in the reported advert. BMW have had their Efficient Dynamics for a couple of years now, Audi are just catching up. Audi even had to pinch engineers off BMW.....

27 April 2010

Er, surely the main slogan on the billboard requires a question mark? The ultimate driving machine? Perhaps - though BMW's grasp of the lingo is shaky at best.

27 April 2010

Both Audi and BMW are charging excessive prices for their cars, accessories and after sales service, especially here in the UK. Personally I would be very pleased to see an increasingly aggressive competitive price war between these two manufacturers (and others including Mercedes-Benz) as this hopefully drive prices down and only has to be to the advantage of the consumer.

27 April 2010

I'd argue the opposite, Mercedes used to leave it to the engineers to build as good a car as possible then figure out what it should cost. I for one would hate the idea of these competing to push prices down to compete with other car makers. In fact, I'd be happy to pay a premium if it meant fewer of them on the road.

There was once a time when you genuinely knew your expensive German car was noticably better than the rest, now, not so much. I hate to admit it, but I recently have hired both a Mondeo and an Alfa 159 Sportwagon, and I thought both were pretty good from behind the wheel.

27 April 2010


27 April 2010

[quote weenedonpetrol]Both Audi and BMW are charging excessive prices for their.... after sales service, especially here in the UK.[/quote]

I can only comment on BMW after having driven a Subaru. You're servicing less frequently and the service costs less too. Against what my parents have paid for a Jaguar I'd say it was cheaper too.

As for Audi, a friend has an RS4 and seems to be milked everytime he goes in! Took it in for a puncture once, but while they did that for free they sold him an R8 V10 at the same time....

27 April 2010

[quote Autocar]BMW v Audi - it's war![/quote] Handbags time, eh?

27 April 2010

If i was BMW i would just have the huge words "These cars are faulty" on the bill board, with a big down arrow.

It's not illegal as it doesnt mention Audi in name.

27 April 2010


bring the GUNS!


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