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Promoted | Ford’s two iconic hot hatchbacks may be separated by 20 years, but they share a philosophy for Ford Performance that spans the decades

There’s an intrinsic quality to the DNA of a Ford Performance car that spans the years. The Focus RS and the Escort RS Cosworth may look like they’re a generation apart. However, both cars offer a similarly intoxicating dose of turbocharged power, delivered through rally-bred four-wheel-drive. 

The biggest changes have come under the skin. The modern Focus RS offers over 100bhp more than the Escort RS Cosworth from its high-tech 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, while advanced driving modes, stability control and adjustable dampers offer an even greater degree of control and customisation, with a more engaging drive and a more refined ride.

As former rally driver and World Rallycross presenter Andrew Coley explains, though, these two hot hatch legends are clearly both part of the same successful Ford Performance bloodline.

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