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The Barcelona firm’s new SUV made a strong first impression with families in Cardiff and Edinburgh

First impressions really do count, especially when it comes to a new car. The SEAT Ateca is the Barcelona firm’s first SUV, and to find success it will need to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. The initial evidence suggests it will do just that.

To find out whether the Ateca really would appeal to real families, SEAT put some of the first examples of the car to arrive in the UK on display in the heart of Cardiff and Edinburgh as part of an Autocar promotion. With the car surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants, would it be able to make families stop and take notice? Definitely.

“It’s very eye-catching,” said Ben, who spotted the Ateca in Cardiff. “It’s a very noticeable car as soon as you walk past. It’s got a good-looking front, and there’s a nice flow to the car. Most SUVs are quite big and bulky, but this looks smooth, streamlined.”

The Ateca was put on display outside St David’s Shopping Centre in the heart of Cardiff, and inside Ocean Terminal on Edinburgh’s waterfront. To find out how families in the two cities reacted to the Ateca, watch this video.

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The Ateca drew in the crowds in Cardiff and Edinburgh, attracting both those who didn’t realise SEAT was entering the SUV market – and those who were already eagerly anticipating the car.

“My wife has been hounding me about the Ateca for the last few months and showing me pictures of it,” said Nick in Cardiff. “We’ve been looking at it for the past few months, because she wants an off-roader style car.”

Rebecca, Nick’s wife, has been eagerly anticipating the car for both its style and size. She said: “I’ve got a SEAT Ibiza at the moment, and I want a car with a bit more room. We’re looking to start a family relatively soon, and the Ateca would be good for getting a pram in. We’ve got two dogs too, and there’s plenty of room. It would be perfect for us.”

The interior space offered by the Ateca - both in the spacious cabin and a boot that can house 510 litres – also appealed to Hannah, who saw the car in Edinburgh. “The cabin is pretty big, so for us long-legged people it means we can sit with the seats back, and still fit in the kids behind us,” she said. “Trying to find a car we can all fit in comfortably is fairly challenging.”



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While space is a key feature for families with children, so are driver assistance and infotainment options – anything that can make life that little bit easier. Families in Cardiff and Edinburgh were able to try many of the options and systems available on the Ateca.

Notable features included the wireless phone charger, Full Link Technology, a 360-degree parking camera and the Virtual Pedal, which allows the boot to be opened hands-free simply by waving your foot underneath the tailgate.

Hannah added: “The connectivity looks really good. When you have kids you want to be able to plug in your music and your tablets. The Ateca is something you could easily drive 500 miles in: you could just put the family in and go.”

Cardiff shopper Jason said: “I’m keen on the whole media centre, and the Park Assist feature. Life is hard enough, so you just want to make it a bit easier when you can.”


The Ateca didn’t just impress grown-ups, either. Kids were drawn in by its stylish looks, and the chance to try the ‘magic’ Virtual Pedal. In Edinburgh, Jack was a big fan of the fact the Ateca had cupholders in the back that he could put his juice in.

But the children were also fans of the Ateca’s practical aspects, as well. Dylan in Edinburgh said: “It’s actually very comfy. I have a little brother and I like having space between us. In our current car he can reach across and grab stuff off me, but the Ateca would give us more space.”

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To pre-order the new SEAT Ateca, click here.


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