Top-spec Mercedes S-class will fill the gap left by Maybach and will target Rolls Royce
25 June 2013

Mercedes-Benz plans to spin a full-blown Rolls-Royce Phantom rival from its new S-class model, Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche has revealed.

In an interview with Autocar, Zetsche confirmed that Mercedes-Benz has conceived and developed the new S-class to support six different models, along with three different wheelbases in a move aimed at broadening its reach at the top end of the luxury car ranks.

And that range will be topped by a new ‘Pullman’ model that has been conceived to crown the future Mercedes-Benz line-up, in a position previously occupied by the company’s discontinued Maybach brand.

The ultra-luxury saloon, based on an extra-long-wheelbase version of the S-class, will gain individual styling touches, including a highly distinctive grille aimed at giving it a more noble appearance than standard S-class models.

“We will continue in the market segment above €200,000 [£170,000],” said Zetsche. “It is important that Mercedes-Benz is represented. We have tradition at this level.

“We see a chance to extend our leadership at the top end of the luxury car market. We plan to extend the number of models, and a Pullman is included in those plans.”

The Mercedes-Benz chairman confirmed that the new S-class, due to go on sale in the UK this October, will eventually be sold with the choice of three wheelbases in selected markets.

They include standard, long and extra-long wheelbases — the latter of which has been added to the line-up to satisfy demand for stately limousines in key markets such as China.

At the Frankfurt motor show in September, Mercedes-Benz plans to preview its new CL-replacing S-class coupé in concept car guise, ahead of UK sales in 2014.

The new two-door, which gains more individual styling than previous models, will also form the basis of a new S-class cabriolet, which is planned to go on sale late next year.

Our Verdict

The Mercedes S-Class is a fine luxury car and a technological masterstroke. It is calm but rewarding

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25 June 2013

How many other cars are in this sector?,isn't there enough room for them?,and if one dominates?,won't that kill off the losers?,thus, no competition.

Peter Cavellini.

25 June 2013

Mercedes does indeed have "tradition" in this sector - that of failure with Maybach. They have never recovered from failing to capture Rolls Royce. And despite the tech, the S Class has too much volume: a longer one with a drinks table etc does not a high-end brand make. Even a proper successor to the lovely old 600 would not work - it's all about the brand these days.

25 June 2013

Saw one of these, or certainly something that looked very much like it, on an episode of 'Joe 90' once.  Unfortunately it crashed, burst into flames and then exploded.  Imagine Mercedes have put a similar amount of work into concept development so far...

25 June 2013

If the Maybach brand didn't work, why does Mercedes-Benz think that a plush S-Class will? ... Surely, Rolls-Royce has the market for the ultimate luxury car sewn up and no amount of exotic interior trim or even a different grille is going to tempt someone away to a Mercedes-Benz from a 'Roller' ...

25 June 2013

Pointless to try, A Mercedes no matter how clever, brilliant, capable etc. will never have the panache/cache of a Rolls-Royce. Place them side by side, one is a mercedes and the other is a ROLLS-ROYCE. One says £60,000 - £100,000, the other says over £200,000. You get the picture..........

25 June 2013

Yet again,  another cracker.  Having owned the current S class from new,  I can imagine this one will be even better.  To my mind this new one is better looking also.  The problem will always be looking like a chaffeur when driving it,  but the most comfortable car I have ever owned,  definitely lowered the pulse rate when driving.  Seats were exceptionally comfortable!! Think I'll give the new Range Rover a go next time!  but give me a Mercedes to be chaffeured in any time! Probably will remain the safest car to be driven in.

25 June 2013

What China wants, the rest of the world has to take-it-or-leave-it - and that includes heeooge, vulgar and ill-proportioned grilles. Bah!

25 June 2013

Why do not M-B ever learn? They have tried to get into that market since they introduced the ill faited 600 through to the Maybach, another flop.

To get into that market segment, the car has to look right - when was the last time you saw a good looking Merc - 1963 with the Pagoda? - big vulgar grilles does not a classy car make!



25 June 2013

@ Morty "Why do not M-B ever learn? They have tried to get into that market since they introduced the ill faited 600 through to the Maybach, another flop".

Actually the 600 Pullman did well...every Despot in the world had at least 3...the Rolls Royce of the time just didnt cut-it if you wanted to really show your Dictator credentials!

In some countries only the 3 pointed star will do.

25 June 2013


You are so right! Which just proves my point....class is actually something you CAN buy when it comes to cars, and Idi Amin was not exactly a "class act" in that area either, was he?

However, l have a slight problem with the pope at the time, but l guess he was not really into cars,and anyway he was given one.

By the way, l seem to remember reading in the Autocar at the time when M-B stopped production of the 600,that they managed to produce app 2800 units of the thing.Compare that to the RR - Bentley production over the same period.. which l cannot remember, but was vastly superior, so one might say that good taste prevailed after all!



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