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Matt runs Autocar's road test desk and an Land Rover Defender. He likes karting, tiny cars and big motorbikes. He keeps chickens, not wicket for England. Follow Matt on Google+

Matt Prior's tester's notes: school holiday traffic woes

School holiday commuting is not the carefree, rapid affair that it once was for Matt, as he fears the rise of the machines

16 April 2015
Both the Zenos E10 S and Caterham 360R are aimed at offering affordable fun on road and track

Zenos E10 S versus Caterham Seven 360 R - comparison

The Zenos E10 S is a track-friendly road car created by the two former bosses of the company that makes the other car you see here - but which is better?

10 April 2015

Video: Zenos E10 S versus Caterham 360R

Matt Prior tests the Zenos E10 S, the £29,995 sports car built by former Lotus and Caterham engineers

10 April 2015
At £145,000, the McLaren 570S is still a dream for many - but it's on the right track

Matt Prior's tester's notes - A cheaper McLaren is exactly what we need

McLaren's 650S and 675LT may be more exotic, but the firm's new entry-level Sports Series models may yet prove to be the customer's favourite

10 April 2015
Expect BMW's upcoming M2 to come with a manual transmission

Matt Prior's tester's notes - long live the manual transmission

BMW's upcoming M2 will come with a manual transmission - and in an age of auto-only sports cars, that can only be a good thing

2 April 2015
Exposure to so many cars can make a hack valuable to a car manufacturer

Matt Prior's Tester's Notes - on the independence of car reviews

The independence of car reviews is under increasing pressure. Now, more than ever, it needs a strong media to push back against it.

30 March 2015
Glamorous women are used to lure photographers at motor shows

Matt Prior's tester's notes - Let the cars do the talking

They may look glamorous, but manufacturers shouldn't rely on beautiful women to get themselves motor show coverage

20 March 2015
Autocar took part in the Cambrian Rally as part of the Land Rover Defender Challenge

Matt Prior's tester's notes - stand well back

We all like getting close to the action, especially when it comes to rallying, but recent events have reminded us of the need to stay safe

13 March 2015

Video: new 380bhp Porsche Cayman GT4 tested

Is the new 380bhp GT4 the best Porsche Cayman ever made? Matt Prior finds out

12 March 2015

Video: Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari star in our Geneva motor show 2015 report

We present the star cars of the Geneva motor show 2015, including Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari and many more

4 March 2015


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