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Matt runs Autocar's road test desk and a Land Rover Defender. Likes karting, small cars and big motorbikes.Follow Matt on Google+

Video: Super-coupé drag race - Jaguar F-type R AWD versus Nissan GT-R

Matt Prior decides the king of the sports coupés, as the Jaguar F-type R AWD and Nissan GT-R take to the drag strip

24 July 2015

Matt Prior's tester's notes - modern road testing just got easier

In the 'good old days' road testing took time and patience - nowadays, we can do it all with a small box and a smartphone

24 July 2015

2015 Lotus Evora 400 review

Hardcore Lotus Evora takes some getting used to, but keen drivers are rewarded with a fun and involving experience

22 July 2015
First Drive

Matt Prior's tester's notes - Do the Nürburgring's speed limits matter?

The Nürburgring's management have imposed speed limits which prohibit manufacturer's setting lap times for the latest vehicles - but will it have any real impact?

17 July 2015

Matt Prior's tester's notes - Will Alfa Romeo get it right with the Giulia?

I loved an Alfa Romeo, once, and now I'm pretty sure I'm about to love one all over again

10 July 2015

Video: Tesla Model S P85D - the ultimate drag race

Matt Prior pitches the new Tesla Model S P85D against the fastest-accelerating car we could think of...

9 July 2015

How to drive like an F1 racer

Yes, you really do need a Vauxhall Insignia and some traffic cones. We meet Rob Wilson, who helps F1’s best sharpen their skills

8 July 2015

Matt Prior's tester's notes - the best Nürburgring video you'll see this year

Lamborghini sets a blistering pace around the Green Hell in the Aventador SV - this is worth watching

3 July 2015

Honda Civic Type R vs. Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy and VW Golf R

Is the powerful new turbocharged Honda Civic Type R a game-changer or too hot to handle? We line up a Renaultsport Mégane and a VW Golf R to find out

19 June 2015

Volvo XC90 versus BMW X5 and Land Rover Discovery - comparison

The new XC90 SUV seems destined to be another hit for Volvo - but is it good enough to beat a BMW X5 and a Land Rover Discovery?

12 June 2015


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