BMW reviews

  • BMW 1-series

    Measures up on comfort and space, but it’s still boring to drive

    From £19,0757
  • BMW i3

    BMW i3

    BMW makes waves with Europe’s first premium-brand compact EV

  • BMW M3

    BMW M3

    You’d imagine that a higher roofline and four doors would hinder the M3 saloon’s capabilities compared to the M4 coupé, but you'd be wrong

  • BMW 1-series M Coupe 2011-2011

    Can the BMW 1-series M Coupé, with its antiquated origins, deliver?

  • BMW M135i

    Not quite a 1M, but more usable and outstanding value for money

  • BMW M235i

    BMW M235i

    Does this compact coupé have the makings of a performance icon?

  • BMW 2-series

    BMW 2-series

    Coupé version of the 1-series returns. It's bigger, but is it better?

  • BMW 3-series

    BMW 3-series

    The BMW 3-series' outstanding performance and handling complete a consummate all-rounder

    From £23,08510
  • BMW 3-series Coupe 2006-2013

    The BMW 3-series Coupe is stylish, recently updated and has an unrivalled blend of performance and economy

    From £26,0908
  • BMW 3-series GT

    BMW 3-series GT

    Can BMW improve on the 3-series by giving it the GT treatment?

  • BMW 3-series Touring

    Standout compact exec gains a six-pot diesel and a bigger boot

  • BMW M3 2007-2013

    The latest generation BMW M3 isn't as thrilling as the original E30 M3, but it's still mighty

    From £51,4408
  • BMW M4

    BMW M4

    New name, new engine and two turbos, but is it still an M3 at heart?

  • BMW 4-series

    BMW 4-series

    Is the BMW 4-series special enough to justify its rebranding?

  • BMW 4-series Gran Coupe

    BMW 4-series Gran Coupé

    BMW's Audi A5 rival is luxurious and stylish, but isn't as exciting to drive as the older 3-series saloon

  • BMW 5-series

    The BMW 5-series offers a compelling blend of all-round abilities, but wants specifying carefully

    From £29,2508
  • BMW 5-series Touring

    BMW 5-series Touring

    The BMW 5-series Touring is a compelling premium estate, offering good space and efficiency, plus decent dynamics

  • BMW ActiveHybrid 5

    The BMW ActiveHybrid 5 sees the company fitting a petrol-electric powertrain to its 5-series executive saloon

    From £45,9506
  • BMW 5-series GT

    The 5-series Gran Turismo is an interesting concept, but the execution is flawed

    From £44,5357
  • BMW M5

    The BMW M5 is crushingly capable, but some of the charm of old M5s is gone

    From £71,4709
  • BMW 6-series

    The BMW 6 Series is a superbly accomplished car, unless you’re a driving enthusiast

    From £59,5058
  • BMW 7-series

    Technology-laden BMW 7-series looks better than its predecessors, but is ultimately disappointing

    From £56,3257
  • BMW i8

    BMW i8

    Can BMW's baby hypercar blow the lid off performance convention?

  • BMW X1

    The BMW X1 is fine to drive, but buyers looking for premium feel may be better served by rivals' offerings

    From £23,8808
  • BMW X3

    The BMW X3 is both frugal and rewarding to drive, a rare and clever technical achievement

    From £30,9558
  • BMW X4

    BMW X4

    The X6 is a showroom hit. Does its smaller brother deserve to be?

  • BMW X5

    BMW X5

    BMW sticks to its well proven SUV formula with the new X5, delivering a competent and refined off-roader – but one that's lacking those few extra flourishes

  • BMW X5 2007-2013

    The big BMW X5 SUV may be getting a little long in the tooth, but it’s still one of the best all-rounders in its class

    From £43,8308
  • BMW X6

    The BMW X6 is a hard riding but generally accomplished big soft-roader. Just make sure you can live with the looks

    From £46,4358
  • BMW Z4

    The BMW Z4 is a fine-looking two-seat roadster with indifferent driving dynamics

    From £28,8807