Ford of Europe is gauging reaction to the Mustang in a new marketing campaign – prompting speculation that official imports of the Blue Oval’s muscle car could be offered in the future.

Officially, Ford insists there is no current plan to offer the Mustang to European customers. Instead, the Mustang features in the new ‘Go Further’ campaign to highlight “the breadth and capability of the products Ford customers enjoy around the world”.

But Ford also says it will gauge reaction to the new campaign, which also features the Ford EcoSport and Ford Edge SUVs, and will “carefully examine any potential market-growth opportunities” the campaign highlights. This could ultimately mean Mustang imports in the future, should European customers show an interest in the car following the campaign.

“We are very proud of all these products and are interested to see what European consumers, who may not be familiar with these models, think of them,” a Ford spokesman said.

At present, it is only possible to obtain a Mustang in Europe by private import or from an independent specialist who can offer Mustangs.