Routine can be a devilish curse, the bane of the laissez-faire and carefree. But it’s not all bad. Routine brings British Summer Time, which extends our evenings and, let’s keep believing, ushers in some fabulous weather each year.

Routine also brings to an end one car’s life in order to make way for a fresh new version, as with Audi’s new TT. And right on cue for a balmy blue-sky blast, a convertible version is now set to join the range in May.

As with the coupé, on the outside this third-generation TT Roadster is a more chiselled and sharper-looking take on the familiar TT design concept. Inside there’s a minimalistic but high-tech cabin, complete with TFT displays where once there were mere dials.

So what’s all this modernity like when mixed with Audi’s latest range of petrol and diesel engines? Let’s find out.

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