An Audi TT rival wearing the three-pointed star on its nose has yet to be signed off by Daimler, but the reasoning behind such a car is easy to see.

The market for sleek two-doors isn’t the biggest, but Audi shifted a healthy 12,891 coupé and 3043 roadster TTs globally last year.

Even more significant is the cachet attached to the TT, with younger car buyers embracing its blend of performance, looks and accessible price. Mercedes-Benz is on a mission to snare more youthful buyers, and a small coupé with styling inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT would give that a boost.

There’s further growth potential in this segment, too. Audi has signalled its intent to further exploit the TT’s iconic status, with the recent Offroad, Sportback and Shooting Brake concepts hinting at what could be done.

The five-door TT Sportback, were it to be built, would line up against the Mercedes CLA. So it’s little wonder that Stuttgart appears keen to return the favour and build its own TT in order to muscle in on Ingolstadt’s stomping ground.