image1232397941.jpgShake down is under way here in Ypres and already Kris and Paul have had an early scare.During their first run through the stage, on the narrow Belgium roads the car slide slightly wide and hit something breaking the off-side rear wheel.Instead of welcoming Kris and Paul back into the Service Area for a routine stop, we where confronted with a 207 scrapping it's way down the road on three wheels.The only part of the wheel still attached to the car was the centre, the rest was missing.Quick inspection showed no serious damage and the technicians soon had the car rebuilt and back out on the stage.Also at the shake down was Guy Wilks in his bright yellow Proton and it was great to see another British driver join the S2000 ranks.Shakedown will continue into the evening and will give Kris and Paul the opportunity to check they are happy with their new car, tyre choices and confirm set up. It will also give us a chance to run in the dark and check light setups as well. The shakedown stage is 5 Km and as I write this Jan Kopecky is quickest at 2:49.2, loix second 3 tenth behind and Kris 3rd fastest, 5 tenths down. Currently Guy Wilks is 6 seconds slower than Kris.