There was a buzz of excitement in the office this morning building up to the new Bentley Arnage pics and details being released.

Bentley isn’t the kind of manufacturer that puts out nine press releases a day, keeping us up to date with every new windscreen wiper design, it is much too grown up for that and moments like these don’t happen very often.

So it was with tingling anticipation we refreshed our screens waiting for the press release on the replacement to a proper Bentley to drop. And then it did, and I nearly choked on my tea. It was so uninspiring.

New Bentley Arnage pics and video

That’s not to say the new Arnage won’t be something very special, but the black and white pic made me wonder whether this whole “teaser” thing is getting out of hand. As I stared at the screen trying to work out if there is anything that is worth reporting on you start to wonder why they bother, it practically tells us nothing.

Sure, the bonnet is clamshell and the design appears to keep true to the classic appeal of Arnages of yore, but that’s about it. The two lines of text to go with the release told us even less.