There are various reasons why the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport falls just short of true greatness, and therefore wasn’t awarded a full five star verdict in our 5000th road test.

One, the test car that was provided was the most expensive and rarest of all the Super Sport variants – the record breaking ‘black and orange’ full carbonfibre model. Yet ironically this pared-to-the-bone edition was not as sweet a car overall (nothing like to be honest) as the regular model we drove on the Super Sport’s launch last year.

Two, the power delivery of the car we tested was ever so slightly peaky compared with the one we drove last year. It felt impossibly strong at the top end, yes, but in the low to mid ranges it was neither as potent nor as flexible as the regular model. One tester even described it as feeling compromised in its relative lack of go at low revs.

Three, while everyone who drove the car for the road test was individually knocked sideways by what it could do, collectively there was merely a quiet admiration for it overall. To achieve true greatness a car needs to do things – via its exhaust, via its steering wheel, via its chassis and via its personality – that make you gasp in total disbelief.

And although there were several very sharp intakes of breath when we looked at the numbers staring back at us from the computer screen following the acceleration tests, subjectively it never quite matched up to the raw data.