Seems like quite a few of you are on the right track, so to speak, when it comes to guessing what the car is in our latest video. But if you’re still wondering, here are a few more clues.

Watch the video here

It has 620bhp, it weighs 940kg, its top speed is 180mph. Before I was allowed to drive it we had to have quite a long conversation with a man from an insurance company, during which he had to be persuaded that a) I am not a lunatic and b) that his company would hand over £2.5 million pounds if, for some awful reason, I stacked it into the shrubs. Eventually he said yes, which means he is a lunatic as well (although I didn’t, thank the Lord, go anywhere near the undergrowth as it transpired. Which was what you might call a relief.)

When I drove into Chobham town centre in it later in the day, all the traffic, and most of the pedestrians, stopped stone dead in their tracks. Because it’s a road car, not a racing car, although at one time it did compete at Le Mans.

To get the full effect from the video, it’s best to get hold of a pair of earphones and then turn the volume up to max. This may well hurt your ears a bit, but only by doing this will you get an idea of how loud, and how violent, this car feels at 7000rpm. Quite what it must have been like to drive one of these things for one whole day and night I can’t imagine.

And now the rest, as they say, is up to you.

Good luck.

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